How To Create a National Company (One the Day with Listed Names) In Cape Verde

How To Create a National Company (One the Day with Listed Names) In Cape Verde

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  • Create the required documents and go to the Citizen’s House office in your area.
  • The office will provide you with an exclusive password for the service as well as a public service department to submit your application to create the company.
  • Provide the password along alongside the other necessary documents to the official to verify.
  • Once the officer has analyzed the authenticity of your application, you’ll receive the necessary documents for your company . You will be assisted if needed.
  • Visit any commercial bank to place the capital in the account of the newly registered company . You will need to obtain the deposit slip as well as the account number of the bank.

Application via a proxy:

  • If you choose to represented by a third-party like a lawyer representative must follow the above procedure, but they’ll have to submit additional documents.

Documents Required Create a National Company

For natural persons:

  • Enter password once (the original) You can remove the your password “C” from the device that is at the entry point.
  • Identification card (ID) or Passport
  • Tax identification number for all partners and/or stakeholder (TIN) (the initial)
  • Display or promote, even in the event that you don’t have A TIN, it’s made in the moment
  • Name and TIN of the accountant who is registered with the field of finance

for legal person (translate legally all documentation if are a non-native):.

  • Tax identification number for all partners and/or interveners (TIN)
  • Commercial registration certificate updated (the original)
  • minutes of the general Meeting (the Original) that grants the power to establish a company

In addition If it’s via an agent:

  • Power of attorney when it is natural persons (the original)
  • Minutes and/or powers of attorney or commercial certificates for a local business that has been authenticated and translated at the embassy, in the case of a foreign-owned company
  • Identification card of the representative (BI) (or passport)

In the Bank:

  • Information form for businesses (the original)
  • Commercial registration certificate updated (the original)
  • Information form for membership (the original)
  • Sheet of signature (the original)
  • Identity Document (the original)


Office Locations and Contacts

Plateau, Avenida Amilcar Cabral no 3, Praia
Tel: +238 260 55 00/25 / +263 800 2008
Fax: +238 261 24 02

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners and citizens


CVE 10,000

Documents to Utilize

You can view samples of all the documents required at the following link: Regulation

The Document is required Create a National Company

This document certifies that you’re legally able to manage a business according to the law.

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  • The Company of the Day is an acceleration of the creation procedure that takes either one or two days, based on whether you pick an existing name from the listing (1 day) or the name you want to use (2 two days).



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