How to Deregistration of a Self-Help Group or Community Project In Uganda

Deregistration of a Self-Help Group or Community Project In Uganda By Online

To deregister a self-help group i.e. (Youth Women/Men/PWD/Older folks/Community project group) one must submit an application to the Ministry of Gender Labour and social development.Step 1: Hold a meeting of the group to request removal of your group.

  • Minutes of the meetings that seek the deregistration of the group which should be ratified by at least two-thirds from the participants.

Step 2.Application for deregistration to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development.

  • Visit the labour offices District planning committees, Youth and Gender Affairs Offices within your sub-county in order to submit your application with the officer in charge.
  • You will receive the DEREGISTRATION FOR A Self Help Group form to fill out and complete and submit.
  • Fill out the Registration Form, and include the following documents
  1. The official letter of SHG/ Community project. SHG/ Community project.
  2. Original certificate.
  3. Minutes from SHGMinutes from SHG Community project, containing reasons for deregistration must be signed by at least two-thirds of the participants.
  4. Names of the Members, ID Nos , and Signatures.

Step 3.:Obtain the Acknowledgment for Deregistration

  • It takes one day to deregister. If the deregistration is approved, an acknowledgement of deregistration will be issued by the Ministry of gender Labour and Social development Office.

Agent Contacts

(There might be an additional expense associated for this procedure). Agent Disclosure

Angualia Busiku and Co. Advocates
Contact Email :,,
Contact Number Contact Phone: +256774477656 or +256774110111
Website: Links to the Website

The hours and days of operation are 8 am until 5:45 pm

Required Documents For Deregistration of a Self-Help Group or Community Project

  • The official letter of SHG/ Community project. SHG/ Community project.
  • Original certificate.
  • Minutes from SHGMinutes from SHG Community project with reasons for deregistration must be signed by at least two thirds of members.
  • Names of the Members, ID Nos and Signatures

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry for gender equality, Labour and social development(MGLSD)
Simbamanyo home is situated near the Central Police Station Kampala.
Plot 9 Lourdel Road.
P.O. 7, Kampala, Uganda.
Switchboard: 041-4 347854, 041-4 347855;
Permanent Secretary: No. 041-4343572;
Fax: 041 256374;
Site: Ministry of Gender labor


Self-help and community projects that are registered need to have a valid proof of registration. They should also be able to end its activities.


The application is available free for download.


The deregistration is in effect for the rest of time.

Processing Time

1 working day , if everything is in good working order.

Requirements Information

  • Number of the certificate
  • The name of the group
  • Names of Members
  • Identification proof for each member
  • Mission and goals of the Group
  • Reason for deregistration

Documentation is needed

The de-registration is a formal removal of an organization from official recognition and from listing in government’s official database.

Information that can be useful

  • A group needs to be de-registered in the county in which in which it resides.The De-registration offices are found in all sub-counties within the districts across the country.
  • If , three months after the submission of the self-help programme, the county chief isn’t informed by the committee on district plan of the opposite, he or she is free to implement, or authorize the sub county chiefs or chiefs to implement the initiatives that are listed in the program.
  • However, no project should be initiated in relation to those projects that have been identified in the program the need of financial support from Government or for which the planning committee has informed the county chief of the fact that such assistance is needed; or
  • For which additional assistance provided by the Government has been either sought in the programme , or the chief of the county was informed by an organizing committee that this assistance is required, and no assurance of that assistance has been offered to the county chief from the department responsible within the Government.

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