How to Designate a Primary Family Homestead for Duty Tax Exemption In Bermuda

Designate a Primary Family Homestead for Duty Tax Exemption In Bermuda By Online

  1. Make sure you have all the required documents required for your application
  2. Download your application forms online on the Government of Bermuda website: Website or download it directly from by clicking this URL: Application Form
  3. How to Designate a Primary Family Homestead for Duty Tax Exemption In Bermuda
    How to Designate a Primary Family Homestead for Duty Tax Exemption In Bermuda
  4. Complete the application accurately and check you have all of the supporting documents listed on the application form.
  5. Complete the application and submit it to be verified to the IRS office. pay the application fee.
  6. The application will be scrutinized and if it’s correct, it will be approved . the the Tax Commissioner issues a first homesteading certificate for the family.
  7. Then you will be informed via the email address you supplied that the document is now ready for pickup in person by the person who applied.

Note If a person will be collecting the certificate on behalf of you they must have an ID photo or a letter from you granting authorization for the person to collect. The person who is collecting the certificate must sign the certificate on your behalf.

Required Documents  For Designate a Primary Family Homestead for Duty Tax Exemption 

  • The most recent title deed that proves the title to the home by the owner. This could be the following conveyance deed or lease, conveyance of property or lease assignment, and a will.
  • Other pertinent title deeds that go from more than 20 years prior to your date on the latest title deed to prove your ownership.
  • Lot plan (official drawing of property that is delineated) with documentary evidence of ownership.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Identification issued by the government for the applicant, such as a driver’s permit or voter’s card.
  • Bermuda passport that shows the following information. Photo page I. Page displaying name, date of issue, and so on. of the passport holder, and IIII. The page with the stamp that has been endorsed of an official from the Department of Immigration of the Government of Bermuda which confirms that the passport holder’s Bermudian status.
  • If you don’t possess the Bermudan passport, then you will need to present a certificate of Bermudian Status or a certificate issued by Bermuda’s Department of Immigration. Bermuda Government Department of Immigration that confirms Bermudian Status.

Note NOTE: If the applicant is not in possession any of the above documents The Tax Commissioner can require additional documents.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Finance:
Department of Office of the Tax Commissioner
General Enquiries

F.B. Perry Building 1st Floor
40 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda HM12 Bermuda
Phone: 441-297-7754
Land Tax: 441-297-737 or 441-297-7743
Payroll Tax: 441-297-7567 , or 441-298-6352
IRS Tax Inspectors: 441-297-7750, or 441-297-7751
Stamp Duty: 441-297-749
To inquire, email: Contact

Office of the Tax Commissioner

F.B. Perry Building 40 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12
P.O. Box HM 1374 Hamilton HM FX
Telephone (441) 297-7749, (441) 294-9738, or (441) 294-9122
Fax: (441) 296-5406
Contact: or or


  • The property owner can be any of the following


  • The application fee is $27. If your certificate gets destroyed or lost it is possible to request a new certificate for $55.
  • Payments can be paid through check in the Office of the Tax Commissioner. People who want to pay by cash or debit or credit card need to submit the completed Application Form and present it to Government Cashiers in the Government Administration Building 30, Parliament Street, Hamilton, to pay.

Documents to Utilize


  • Family homesteads that are owned by the primary family members are exempt from stamp duty tax which otherwise would be due upon dies of owners.
  • Anyone who owns a property can nominate the property to be exempt from this. If you have more than one property you may select one property to be eligible for the exemption.
  • It is only possible to designate residences as being a homestead that is primarily family owned. This includes an apartment, a condo or another property that is used completely or primarily for private use
  • Joint owners, which includes couples who share the same property, must fill out separate applications.
  • The exemption is granted from the stamp duty that is imposed for the decedent’s estate an owner on the death of the owner and is granted on the basis of the Affidavit of Value issued to the Supreme Court.

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Requirements Information

  • Full names
  • You details
  • Current address
  • Contact person details
  • Property information
  • Declaration

Documentation is needed

  • Homesteads owned by the family of the primary homestead are exempt from stamp duty tax which is due on the death of the owner.

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