How to Driver License (Car, Motor Bike, Scooter) In Ireland

Driver License (Car, Motor Bike, Scooter) In Ireland By Online

  • To apply for a learner driver’s license, visit one of your closest NDLS centers, which are listed in the following list: NDLS office locations
  • Make sure you’ve completed all the required documents that are listed under the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Also , gather all needed documents, as listed in the the Required Document section.
  • Contact the NDLS Centre with the necessary documents along with the applicable charges.
  • You will be shown the steps to be followed in order to obtain an driver’s license.

You can also make appointments with NDLS prior to visiting them: NDLS Make Appointments

For more information, follow this link from NDLS : More Info

Alternately, you can go to a driver’s license office in the city or town in which you live. They should be able to assist you apply for a driver’s license, but they’ll charge for the service.

Required Documents For Driver License

  • A filled out application form for NDLS to apply for the Driving License D401
  • A certificate of competence or proof of passing the driving exam. The date of the certificate’s issue must be within 2 years of the date you applied for it.
  • The most recent and current learners permit. If it is missing, stolen or damaged, ensure that you have completed the Garda declaration on the second page of your application is filled in. If your permit is not in use, you will need to show a Photo identification in the NDLS center when you apply.
  • Documentation needed to confirm your PPSN
  • Complete the NDLS Form for medical reports If required in your particular situation. More details here : More info
  • A proof of address dating back to the last six months is required when there was a change in your address from the time of your last application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Office places of NDLS centres: NDLS office locationsOpening times and additional details : Opening Hours


  • In order to be eligible for a license you must show that you are living in Ireland;


Fees-related details : Fee Information

The document is needed

This guideline will give you details on how to get an driver’s permit in Ireland.



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