How to Endorse Third Party Interest (Caveat) on a Motor Vehicle In Uganda

Endorse Third Party Interest (Caveat) on a Motor Vehicle In Uganda By Online

  • This facility is only available to vehicles that have registration books with a new date of issue.
  1. The person who is interested contacts the license office and signs a an agreement to pay stamp duty.
  2. Documents are handed over to the Licensing office to be acknowledged and, if officers are satisfied the documents and the documents are accepted, an assessment for endorsement fee of Ug 000 will be imposed.
  3. The person who is interested makes a payment to the bank, and returns the document to the Licensing office.
  4. Once payment confirmation is received upon confirmation of payment approved and the registration form that includes a Third Party Endorsement issued.


  • If a person is interested in multiple vehicles and would like to endorse them all then he or she writes an endorsement request letter for each of them and covers stamp duty for each one separately.

Required Documents For Endorse Third Party Interest (Caveat) on a Motor Vehicle

  1. Acknowledgement Receipt 
  2. Original registration book
  3. Stamp duty
  4. Request for endorsement
  5. Written agreement with stamp duty to be paid

Office Locations and Contacts

Phone (0417) 442054 or 442055 4,43150 Fax: (0414)334419
Web portal: URA
URA Toll-free Helpline 0800117000


  • Any drivers of motor vehicles that is registered with Uganda revenue authority. Uganda revenue authority


  • Endorsement fee : UGX50,000
  • Stamp Duty: UGX 5 000

Processing Time

  • URA will inform you of the status of your application within two working days of receiving all the information required.


  • The endorsement of interests of third parties in a register book suggests that no transaction should be made without the approval of the third person. Financial institutions, Insurance Companies, Limited Companies and even individuals could wish to signify their interest in a particular motor vehicles. Such interest may arise out of loans, instalment payments or any agreements/liabilities between the two parties.
  • A person who would like to support the interests of these parties is known as”a “third third party”. Third parties who are interested in collaborating with URA send a message with URA by writing to express their desires. The Licensing Officer must prove to himself or herself that there is an agreement or a mutual contract with the owner or the third partner.

Requirements Information

  1. Name of the owner or applicant
  2. Car Registration Number Plate
  3. Stamp duty and written letter to the URA
  4. Complete Names for the Third Party
  5. The address of the residential/postal/email that of the applicant (owner)
  6. Number of the owner’s cell phone

The Document is required

  • This is a procedure that a tax payer puts restrictions on or in the registration book and the vehicle register that prevents the delivery of the service until an agreement or consent from both parties through the URA

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