How to Enrol Your Child in Nursery School In Monaco

Enrol Your Child in Nursery School In Monaco

  1. Pick a school to enroll your child. It is possible to enroll your child at an official state-run school or a private school with a contract or a private institution. In the public sector, the type of school that your child attends depends on the area in which you live. check out the map that you reside in. If you want the child’s school to be enrolled in a school located in another area then you must write in writing to the Department of Education, Youth and Sport by the 15th day of June, asking for an area exemption. In the meantime, while waiting for a response and acceptance, you have to enroll your child at the local school.
  2. To enroll your child or children into the nursery school of your choice you must complete the enrollment form that can be downloaded on the internet or obtained from the school within your region during enrollment periods as well as from the Department of Education, Youth and Sport and other enrolment times.
  3. Collect all the documents you’ll need to register your child’s name in an early childhood school.
  4. After you’ve completed the enrollment form, send it in together with the other necessary documents. Registrations are accepted at the school secretary’s office Be aware that registrations are made by appointment only and during official enrollment periods only.

Required Documents For Enrol Your Child in Nursery School

  • Completed enrolment form
  • Certificate of Nationality as well as residence to Monegasques as well Monegasque ascendants
  • Certificate stating that you’ve resided at least three months in Monaco for at minimum three months, for residents in Monaco
  • If you have recently relocated to Monaco you will need a residence card or confirmation slip for the residency permit (note that enrollment will be confirmed only upon showing a photocopy of you residence’s card)
  • The child’s civil status certificate or a photocopy of the family record book, or birth certificates proving the proof of the parentage of your child.
  • Photographic copy of child’s vaccination record
  • The envelopes have three windows (DL 110 220) with stamps attached at the current rate of postal service
  • Three ID pictures of the child
  • For parents who have divorced: divorce decree (translated into French when necessary) or, in the case that share parental custody, an official letter from the second parent authorizing the child’s education in Monaco and accompanied by photocopies of the official documents (such such as the ID card of an individual or driving license.)
  • Parents who are divorced The photographcopy of an official certificate that identifies the adult in charge and, in the case where joint parental responsibility is involved an official letter from the second parent authorizing education in Monaco with the photocopy of an official documents (such such as an identity card or driving license.) If you don’t have a valid document, you must submit a photocopy of your family allowances statement as well as an image of the social insurance certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Education, Youth and SportsAvenue of L’Annonciade
MC 98000 Monaco
Phone: (+377) 98 98 83 05
Fax: (+377) (98) 98 85 74
Office hours:
Monday through Friday (9:30am until 5:00 pm)

School of the State in Monaco:


cole de Fontvieille
No. 5 avenue des Guelfes
Phone: (+377) 98 98 47 65
After school club and school canteen.


cole de la Condamine
4 rue Saige
Phone: (+377) 98 98 86 65
After school club and school canteen.


cole du Parc
32 bis bd de Belgique
Phone: (+377) 98 98 86 71
French as a second language for non-native french users, school bus service After school club the school cafeteria.


cole Saint Charles
11 avenue Saint Laurent
Phone: (+377) 98 98 86 70
Classes for 4 year olds and 5 year olds only. After school clubs, canteens at school french as a foreign language to non-native french speakers classes that are adapted to methodologies for learning.


cole des Carmes
33 bd du Larvotto
Phone: (+377) 98 98 86 68
French as a second language for non-native french speakers, after school clubs school canteen the school bus.

Private schools under contract

Cours Saint Maur

33 bd des Moulins
Phone: (+377) 93 50 61 51
School Canteen.

tablissement Franois dAssise Nicolas Barr

11 rue Princesse Marie de Lorraine
Phone: (+377) 97 97 10 50
School Canteen.


Your child may be enrolled in nursery school if your child is:

  • Aged 3 years or older They will be this age within the first quarter of the school year.
  • Aged from four to five years old.

Every Monegasque kids, and those who have at the very least at least one Monegasque parent, may be admitted to an official state nursery school upon the request of. Children of non-Monegasque parents who live in the Principality are admitted as long as there are places available.

Documents to Utilize

Enrolment Form


It is mandatory to enroll your child/children during the times specified by the Department of Education, Youth and Sport except if you’ve relocated to the Principality within your school’s year. Contact the Department regarding the enrolment calendar during the academic year.

Documentation is needed

The nursery school (coles maternelles) allow children that are too young to attend obligatory education. The nursery school is not obligatory. The state education system can be found for free in Monaco You can decide to enroll your kid in private institution under contract or at an independent school, where you’ll have to pay a tuition fee.

Here are the steps to enroll your child at the nursery school.

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