How To Exchange Foreign Driver License In Germany

How To Exchange Foreign Driver License In Germany

  • Make an application to you Federal Motor Transport Authority for drivers ‘ licence exchange.
  • Do a test on your own
  • Conduct a medical exam

Documents that are required Exchange Foreign Driver License

  • Official identity documents of the person who is applying (identity document or passport).
  • The registration certificate from the Residents Registration Office.
  • A recent photo that is in line with the specifications of the Regulations for the implementation of the
  • Passport Act (Passverordnung).
  • If you are applying to be issued classifications C1, C (HGV), C1E (HGV) D1, D1, D1E and D1E, (Bus/coach) and the or opinions of the certificates regarding medical examinations.
  • The test of visual acuity as well as about the exam for special needs coach/bus drivers
  • A copy of your driver’s foreign national license (the International Driving Permit is not enough) along with a translation in the German language in the event that the driver license authority waives the need for the translation on an extraordinary basis.
  • A declaration that states that the driving license issued by a foreign country is valid.
  • A certificate for good behavior.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure Unit L 23
Civil Service and Visitor Services
Invalidenstr. 44
10115 Berlin

Citizens Telephone: +49 30 18300 – 3060
(Mon-Fri 9:00 – 12.00 clock)

For inquiries, send an email to
or use using the contact or contact

Office Flensburg
Frdestrae 16
24944 Flensburg
Phone: +49 461 316-0
Fax: +49 461 316-1650/1495
Post address
24932 Flensburg

Office Dresden
Office Dresden
Bernhardstrae 62
01187 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 47385-0
Fax: +49 351 4738536
Post address
Dienstsitz Dresden
Postfach 12 01 53
01002 Dresden

What Are All The Eligibility

If you are able to establish a normal residency in Germany, Federal Republic of Germany, you’ll require to obtain a German driver’s license at least six months unless the driver licencing authority extended it on an exception basis.


Validity is generally non-limitless.

Examples of Documents


Candidates for driving licences have to be a resident of Germany. Federal Republic of Germany. Also, to put it simply, they must reside in Germany in the Federal Republic of Germany for at most 185 days per year.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • Current drivers licence category

The Document is required Exchange Foreign Driver License

  • If you are not a resident of your normal residency in the Federal Republic of Germany, you are able to use motor vehicles with a valid driving license from a foreign country for an unlimited amount of time.
    Once you have established a regular residency in the Federal Republic of Germany, you can be a motor vehicle driver or rider up to six more months. After that time your driving license will not be recognized anymore.
    If your licence to drive in another country is close to expiring or is not valid anymore then you can get an German licence in the same type on your request.

Information that could be helpful

You will receive the German driving license for the category you belong to motor vehicles once you’ve completed the theory and practical tests for the category.
In order to pass the practical test, you must be accompanied by an instructor.
The instruction at a driving school and driving school, which is mandatory when you get your driving license initially is not mandatory.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It can be used to prove identification(proof to prove identity).

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Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development in 2005.

How To Exchange Foreign Driver License In Germany
How To Exchange Foreign Driver License In Germany


Please be aware that you will not allowed to operate or ride in a motor vehicle if you are not or do not have the right to drive, and the act of doing this is considered to be driving with no driving license and punished in the appropriate manner.



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