How to Exchange Or Replace Foreign Driver License In Israel

Exchange Or Replace Foreign Driver License In Israel By Online

  1. Visit an optician affiliated to Marmanet and Femi Premium. You will be given, from the optician’s office an Tofes Yarok which is an green form that was printed from Misrad Harishui (Ministry of Vehicle Licensing). The form will also be photographed and will be examined for your eyes. The eye exam costs 50 NIS.
  2. Fill in to fill out the Hatsharat Briut. One of Tofes Yarok is an Hatsharat Briut, which is a declaration of health. Complete this form and list any medications that might influence your driving.
  3. Visit a Physician. Take you Tofes Yarok to a doctor to be signed by a doctor. The doctor will then make an entry in the form of any medication you take that could affect the driving.
  4. Visit the Misrad Harishui. Take you Tofes Yarok Teudat Oleh as well as your foreign driver’s licence to a District-level Misrad Harishui to be stamped. The district level Misrad Harishui offices can help you with your driver’s licence change. You will be provided with an Hafnaya (referral application form) to hand an instructor of your choice.
  5. You can schedule your Lesson(s) along with a practical test. You will be given the Agrat Mivchan (a form that states you have to pay a fee to take the test) which you can take in the mail office. The cost for a lesson is around 110 NIS for an auto with a manual transmission and 130 NIS for an automatic vehicle; indicate what model of car you use
  6. Stop by at the Post Office. Take the Agrat Mivchan to the post office. Cost: 65 NIS. You must get an acknowledgement.
  7. Take the test. You must bring your Teudat Zehut as well as the receipt from the postoffice, for the instructor who will be driving you. The instructor will contact you shortly after passing the test to let you know if you passed, typically within a few days or even two days.
  8. Return to Misrad Harishui. After you have passed your driving test and bringing you Teudat Zehut with you to Misrad Harishui. You will be issued temporary licenses for drivers and an invoice for the cost of your test.
  9. Go your driver’s license to your local Post Office. Pay the cost for activating your temporary driver’s license. The temporary driver’s license (photo identification) will be sent to the address you have listed in the back of your Teudat Zehut within 8 weeks.

Required Documents For Exchange Or Replace Foreign Driver License

  • A valid driving license from a foreign country that was issued at minimum six months prior to entering Israel
  • Vision and medical tests
  • Vehicle control capability test
  • applicants who have never had any Israeli licence to drive: your passport has to be displayed to verify your entry date into Israel and also prove that you obtained your license in another country.
  • An earlier owner of the Israeli driver’s license You have to provide evidence of your time spent abroad and of your entry in Israel (passport or extracts of Israel entry and exits from the Interior Ministry). If you’ve held an active foreign driver’s license at the minimum for two years prior to entering Israel you can request an exemption from the capability test.

Office Locations and Contacts

The License Bureau Office Address the License Bureau
Ministry of Transport and Road Safety
P.O.Box 270
Holon 58102

For other contact details, please click on this link:


  • Eye Exam Eye Examination – 50 NIS
  • Car lesson:
    • manual car – 110 NIS
    • auto-car 130 NIS
  • Post office fees- 65 NIS
  • The use of the instructor’s car for car examination 400 NIS


When you reach you reach the age of 65 you’ll be required renewal of your licence each 10 years. After your 65th birthday, you’ll have renewal every 2 years.

Processing Time

8 weeks


  • New immigrants are able to change their foreign licences within 3 years from the date of entry into Israel or the date of obtaining immigration status.

Tourists and temporary residents in Israel are permitted to change their driving licenses from abroad within one year from the day of admission into Israel subject to the condition that they are of the required age.

The Document is required

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Misrad HaRishui) ( permits Olim as well as temporary residents, tourists returning to the country to convert their licenses from abroad in to an Israeli one through an abridged procedure.

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