How To Export of Goods In Angola

How To Export of Goods In Angola

1. The exporter must register at the Ministry of Commerce, and is issued an export licence

2. The exporter makes the request for Pre-inspection

3. The exporter supplies the PSI the company that is inspecting the export the required documents.

4. The company that is inspecting issues an original copy of the report on physical inspection in the event that the outcome is Satisfactory.or the Discrepancy Report and Atestado De No Verificao, when the physical inspection report is discrepant.

5. Tarriffs , as well as other duties for export and freight costs are paid to the person who exports.

6. B/L A Bill of Lading is given by the importer . Transportation documentation issued by the transporter, that describes the type and amount of shipped items, as well as the consignee, the name of the carrier port of origin and destination (or airports) as well as names of vessels (or aircraft) and freight costs. The documents is signed by captain of the plane or vessel (or representative) and confirms that the goods arrived in good and in good condition.

Documents Required Export of Goods

1. Bill of Lading

2. Single administrative document

3. Certificate of origin

4. Commercial Invoice

5. Customs export declaration

6. Report of inspection

7. Checklist for packing

8. Tax certificate

9. Export licence

10. Technical Standard/Health Certificate

11. Terminal handling receipts

Documents needed by the PSI company that is inspecting to issue a report

1. Final commercial invoice indicating FOB price and costs for freight (if applicable) as well as the cost of insurance (if appropriate) and the value total.

2. Relevant transport document i.e. the B/L document or an AWB.

3. Checklist for Packing.

4. Other documentation that could be required i.e. Certification of Analysis or Certificates of Origin and so on.

  • Other certificates issued by various agencies (e.g. those from the Ministries of Health, Culture, Agriculture, Defence, etc.) could be required based on the nature of items being exported. E.g phytosanitary or sanitary certifications and certification of art works and export authorization of arms e.t.c

Office Locations and Contacts

Angola Customs contact information Address: Building MOF, Mutamba Largo da , Luanda, Angola

Telephone: +(244)222338548


What Are All The Eligibility

Exporters who are based within Angola have to be registered the Ministry of Commerce, get a license from the Ministry of Commerce and have a valid tax payer’s identification card


  • Documento Unico is available for purchase. Documento Unico costs US$10 per form.
  • Inspection fee 0.75 percent of the FOB value, with a minimum of UCF 370. This is currently comparable to 32,560 Kwanza (AOK)

Export duties are imposed on:

  • Scrap, scrap, and Ivory (10 10 percent)
  • Raw skins, hides (20 percent)
  • Tanned hides and skins (20 20 percent)
  • bone, worked ivory, (10%)


The license for export is valid for a year however, it is able to be renewed annually.

Processing Time

About 40 days.


  • Anything worth more than US$1,000 value have to be cleared by an authorized forwarding agent or broker. The pre-shipment inspection (PSI) that is required through Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Finance must be carried out.
  • It is the responsibility of the exporter to pick between the three firms i.e SGS, BIVAC or COTECNA
  • All products that have to undergo the mandatory PSI must be identified in Portuguese.
  • In the case of those who aren’t subject to an obligation to PSI Inspection companies are required to fulfill the obligation of informing the exporter and the importer of the requirements.

Requirements Information

1. Full name address, address, fax phone, e-mail, and address of the exporter and the importer.

2. The country of origin for the goods

3. The supply countries (inspection) and the transportation of the products, ports airport, railway or the road station for the loading.

4. Description and description of goods, specifically about dimensions weight, colour, weight and technical features

5. Quantity and weight measurement unit or measurements

6. Price per unit FOB

7. Total value, including FOB the airport, freight, insurance and other costs

8. Conditions for payment

9. Port airport railway station and railway station, road station of destination or border zone

10. Packaging and packing

11. An indication of the authorization for Partial Shipments , or not

The Document is required Export of Goods

The National Customs Directorate has the power to determine the value of customs for major export goods, on the basis most recent international quotes. It is appointed by the Ministry of Finance

Information that could be helpful

  • Angola does not have any export subsidies There is also no official body for promotion of exports.
  • Exports made temporarily can be reimported after 12 months. The time frame can be extended by the decision by the director of National Customs in case of circumstances beyond the control of the Customs Directorate.

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