How to Get Commercial Invoice (Port Authority) in Nigeria

Get Commercial Invoice (Port Authority) in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The applicant must visit the Nigeria Port Authority to obtain a Commercial Invoice.
  • You can find the address and contact details in the contact link.

  • You can visit the office to obtain the Customer Identification (Id), Number application form from the relevant department.
  • Completion of the application form is required. Then submit it to the appropriate authority along with the documents listed under “Required Documents”.
  • The port authority will issue the customer ID within three hours after receipt of the Registration Certificate and the request.
  • The applicant can then proceed to get a Commercial Invoice by submitting the Customer Identification Number (Id) number and following the instructions given by the official present.
  • A soft copy of E-Manifest for the shipping vessel must be provided in XML format.
  • Once all necessary processes are completed, the official will issue the Commercial Invoice within an hour. This is generated using the Revenue and Invoice management System (RIMS).

Apply online

  • The applicant must first get a NPA Customer Identification Number (Id) number in order to apply online for Commercial Invoice.
  • To obtain a Customer Identification (Id) Number, a shipping company/agent should apply through email, by forwarding an application request with the Registration Certificate to the following email address:
  • Customers who are not customers of NPA should go to the NPA office and request the Customer’s ID. You can find the address and contact details in the contact link.
  • Any applicant who has obtained an Identification number must visit the following online form link
  • Click the link to enter your username and password and then click the “Sign In” button.
  • Navigate to the platform/module by clicking “Manifest Upload” on the Homepage. Enter your Customer ID for Ship Entry. You can get your eSEN Number via the eSEN Application.
  • To validate your information, click on “Submit”. You will then be redirected for uploading your manifest.
  • The data from the eSEN registration will already be prepopulated.
  • Select the vessel type. Select the Registration File from the Workstation.
  • Select the Manifest Header File the manifest from the location on your workstation. Select Customs Respond File (for uploading with SEN).
  • The BOL files for the manifest can be added from the location on your workstation. After you have added all BOL files, click on “Start Upload”.
  • Enter the Rotation number obtained from Custom’s Manifest or Ship Entry (for Coastal Operation). Click the checkbox “I agree” to these terms and conditions.
  • Select the check box “I confirm” that the manifest entries I have made are correct as of the date of completion.
  • Click “Submit” and send the Ship Entry & Manifest to the Tariff & Billing Department at NPA for review.
  • If the information provided is not in accordance with the requirements, it will be highlighted and you will receive notification to correct the error.
  • You will receive the Manifest ID for your entry upon successful upload

Documents Required For Get Commercial Invoice

  • Request for Customer Identification (Id), Number
  • Certificate of registration as a shipping company/agent
  • Vessel’s E-manifest
  • Any supporting document (as required)

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Corporate Head Office,Nigerian Ports Authority,
26/28 Marina, Lagos.
P.M.B. 12588 Lagos
Tel: +234 01463 7496, +234 01463 7497, +234 01463 7498
Website homepage
Contact link

What are all the Eligibility

Any shipping agent who wants to get a Commercial Invoice on the cargo vessel it holds can apply.


For details on fees, please contact the authorities.


  • Customers who aren’t Shipping Companies/Agents must apply to the Chief Port Accountant at the Port/Location where they plan to do business with NPA.
  • To be accepted by the Authority, it is essential that all information on the completed form be correct and that the form is filled in clearly.
  • To avoid rejections, make sure you attach all required documents.

Requirements Information

  • Particulars about the applicant
  • Identification Number
  • Contact details and address
  • Shipping Agent details
  • Particulars of incorporation
  • Register number
  • Directors’ details
  • Particulars of Chief Officers
  • Information about the equipment
  • Bank details
  • Number of the payment receipt/Transaction ID

You will need the document

A commercial invoice is needed when a shipping agency needs to issue an invoice for the cargo manifest that it handles. The commercial invoice represents the equivalent in money of the goods in the transaction currency.



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