How to Get Duplicate Diploma Certificate In India

Get Duplicate Diploma Certificate In India By Yourself

  • A police report should be made in the region in which the Diploma Certificate was lost/stolen.
  • A statement in local papers that announces the loss of Diploma Certificate should be published.
  • The application should be submitted only by the Candidate using the format prescribed by the institution at which the candidate is studying.
  • Candidates should visit the college or university where they attended. You can get the application form at the office, as instructed by the institution or type on an A4-sized plain sheet.
  • Originals must be submitted along with Xerox from all the documents listed in the documents required section on this page.
  • The application duly signed by the candidate and principal will be forwarded to the state board of technical instruction.
  • The signed Xerox copies will be sent back to the applicant to be used for information.
  • This application will be handled in the future by department internal.
  • After scrutiny and verification, the report is then presented to the appropriate authority for approval.

If it is approved, the an official copies of the certificate are sent or handed out in accordance with the norms in force. 

Required Documents For Get Duplicate Diploma Certificate

  • Application form
  • Affidavit photocopy of certificate that has been attested by the principal or Head of the institution
  • Notification sent by the Principal/head of the institute in question. Institute.
  • Affidavit by notary on stamped document (Usually in the form of a stamp with a value of 20 Rupees)
  • Original fee paid on challan
  • Attested Self-Attested Photograph of Aadhaar Card/Driver’s License or Voter ID Card
  • Copy of FIR (For the theft or loss of the certificate)
  • Document is still valid in the event of loss of the document (FIR is not needed)
  • Local papers

Office Locations and Contacts

The Director of Trg. & Technical Education,Muni Maya Ram Marg, Prem Bari Pul, Pita,
Pura (Near the TV Tower),
Delhi -110034
Contact information for Link Link for contact


  • The students who lost the Original Diploma Certificate are eligible to apply for a another Diploma Certificate.
  • Applicant will be provided with more information from the institution where they studied


  • Pay as an your authority quote in accordance with any new fees and needs.
  • Rs.200per person through Demand Draft in the name DDO Board of Technical Education. DDO Board of Technical Education Delhi


The Duplicate Certificate is valid all time.

Processing Time

30 days or as per the delivery time.


  • The applicant must attach the fee the challan with application.
  • If the diploma, the applicant should file a complaint with the closest Police Station.
  • Make sure to mention the Challan Number on your application

Requirements Information

  • Candidate’s name
  • The Candidate’s Date of Birth
  • Institute at which the applicant was last was a student
  • Serial number from that original list of marks
  • The complete address of the applicant
  • Exam Roll No. No. of Registration.
  • Year and month of the examination.

The Document is required

  • This document is required to be able to get a job or study. Therefore, a duplicate of the certificate is required in the event that the certificate has been damaged or lost.

Information that can be useful

  • Don’t give money to anyone
  • The duplicate certificate(s) must be handed over to the Chairman/authorityof the Board of Technical education, when they are found to be the same certificate(s) are later found
  • The diploma certificate is awarded by the student upon the successful completion of an exam at the end during the Diploma program.



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