How to Get Duplicate Diploma Mark Sheet In India

Get Duplicate Diploma Mark Sheet In India By Yourself

  • A police complaint must be filed in the location where the Diploma Marksheet was stolen or lost.
  • A news item in local papers that announced the demise diploma certificates.
  • Applications should only be made by the candidate according to the format prescribed by the institution where the candidate is studying or was studying.
  • Visit the school where the candidate studies or studies. Request your application forms from the offices according to the instructions directed by the institution, or write the form on a plain A4 sheet.
  • Originals must be submitted along with Xerox copies of each document specified in the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • The application duly signed by the candidate and the Principal will be submitted to the appropriate state board of technical instruction.
  • A signed Xerox document will then be returned to the person who submitted it to be used for review.
  • This application will be handled later by the department internal.
  • After scrutiny and verification, the report is then presented before the authority in question to be sanctioned.

If it is approved, the an official copies of the certificate are shipped or delivered in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Required Documents For Get Duplicate Diploma Mark Sheet

  • Application form
  • Attested photocopies of the Marksheets for each year/semester (including every attempt) that have been certified by the Principal or Head of the institution
  • Notification is sent by the Head/Principal of the relevant Institute.
  • Affidavit of notary on the required stamp document (Usually in the form of a stamp with a value of 20 Rupees)
  • Original fee paid on challan
  • A self-attested photocopy Aadhaar Card/Driver’s License or Voter ID Card
  • Copy of FIR (For the theft or loss of the certificate)
  • Document is still valid in the event the document is damaged (FIR is not needed)
  • Local papers

Office Locations and Contacts

The Director of Trg. & Technical Education,Muni Maya Ram Marg, Prem Bari Pul, Pita,
Pura (Near TV Tower), Delhi -110034
Contact information for Link Link


  • The students who lost the Original Diploma Certificate are eligible to apply for a an additional Diploma Certificate.
  • Applicant will be provided with more updates from the institution where the applicant is studying or studying.


  • Pay as an authorized quote per new fees and specifications.


The duplicate certificate is valid for forever.


  • The applicant must attach the fee the challan with application.
  • If the original marking sheet, the candidate should file an investigation at the closest Police Station.
  • Do not forget to include the challan number on the application

Requirements Information

  • Candidate’s name
  • Candidates Dates of Birth
  • The Institute where the applicant has went to study
  • Serial number from that original list of marks
  • The complete address of the applicant
  • Exam Role No., Registration No.
  • Year and month of the examination.

The Document is required

  • The diploma certificate is awarded to a student upon the successful completion of an exam at the end in this Diploma course.
  • The mark sheet is necessary to be able to submit an application for higher studies. Therefore, a duplicate mark sheet must be obtained in the event of loss or damaged.

Information that can be useful

Don’t give money to anyone

The duplicate certificate(s) must be handed over to the Chairman or authority, Board of Technical education, in the event that they are found to be the same certificate(s) are later found



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