How to Get Education Concession for Children of (Ex-Servicemen) In India

Get Education Concession for Children of (Ex-Servicemen) In India By Yourself

  • Students who are eligible can apply for educational concessions to govt recognized private or public institutions or central/state government aiding colleges by submitting an application through the AGC’s (Adjutant General’s) Branch, Army Headquarters. (Refer “Office address and contact information” section)
  • A reimbursement claim letter has to be provided by the child along with their name, rank and number of the father or mother of the child or children, along with the name and grade for the student.
  • Request the Contingent Bill through your institution, as per the Pg. No.5 or 6 on the Link
  • Read through the entire instructions provided in the link prior to you begin filling out the form.
  • Input all the necessary information to be included in your Contingent Bill.
  • Place the receipt stamp on the child’s name and the parent must sign the stamp.
  • The form must be countersigned by the principal or headmaster at the establishment.
  • Make sure your possessions include all documents listed on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Attach the photocopies of all receipts and documents in your Contingent Bill.
  • If serving personnel are involved for whom documents are required, they should be provided to the unit.
  • If you are a retired personnel who are eligible to retire the documentation should be sent by mail in the direction of the branch for the General Manager Army Headquarters.

After the application is processed The expenses will then be credited to your banking account.

Required Documents For Get Education Concession for Children of (Ex-Servicemen)

  • Reimbursement Claim
  • Contingent bill countersigned by the Principal/Headmaster.
  • Original receipts for uniforms (where uniforms are mandatory) clothes, books tuition fee along with bus/rail fare as well as fees for hostels are included to the claim. In the case of allowance for uniforms and hostel fees, a certificate from the school stating that uniforms are compulsory and that charges for hostels being claimed are the real charges that the Institute Hostel must not include messing charges and other charges ancillary to the hostel.
  • The photocopie of the entitlement card for the child (In case of officers) Entitlement Card must be obtained at AG/MP-5(b), Army HQ New Delhi-11. for PBOR, it should be obtained through the appropriate Record Offices. For further details, refer Pg. 3 of the Education Concession Proforma)
  • A photocopy of the authority stating that the father of the child has been killed/missing/permanently disabled during conflict/CI Operation.
  • Certificate to show that the claim for reimbursement was made against tuition fees or hostel fees, as well as train/bus fare actually was spent through the student.
  • The Head of the Institute has to sign a certificate certifying the Institute that the Institute is a govt/govt-aided private or public institution recognized as such by Central/State Govt or is an independent organization completely governed recognized by the Central/State Govt, whichever is appropriate.
  • The details of the accounts at banks (Name of the account holder account number, address of bank and code) could be included.

Office Locations and Contacts

AG’s Branch Army headquartersCW-3, Ceremonial & Welfare Directorate,
Adjutant General’s Branch,
South Block,
The Integrated Headquarters of the ministry of Defence (Army),
DHQ Post, New Delhi – 110 011.
The number for CW-3’s phone is 011-23018110.

Rajya Sainik Board
DELHI Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board,
4th floor, Tower Block,
ISBT Kashmiri gate,
Delhi – 110006011-23861360 (O)011-23861876 (F)08985481668 (M)
Sainik Welfare Offices Link


Inadmissibility for applying for the AG’s Branch Army Headquarters

  • Kids from Armed Forces personnel killed/missing or permanently disabled in 1962, 1964,1971 conflicts, Op PAWAN and OP MEGHDOOT
  • Children of Armed Forces personnel who were killed or declared missing or permanently disabled in any post-MEGHDOOT operation in India and elsewhere, including Counter Insurgency Operation
  • Students with eligibility to attend Govt/Govt aid schools/educational institutions, Military/Sainik Schools and other schools or colleges that are recognized through the Central or State governments, including the autonomous organizations that are entirely funded by the Central/State Govts.


  • This service is free of any costs.


The concession for education should be claimed each academic year throughout the course time.

Documents to Utilize

Instructions and Contingent Bills for apply to the AG’s Branch Army Headquarters Formal Instructions for applying to the Education Concession


  • The applicant is required to make sure that the costs of stationery and books as well as the cost of uniforms when it is mandatory and the cost of clothes has been claimed in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the Govt of India letter.

Requirements Information

  • Name, rank and the service number of the father or mother of the children.
  • Name and the class of the child
  • Details of the bank account (Name of the account owner, account number, address of the bank and code)
  • Tuition Fee details
  • Hostel fee details
  • The book and the uniform fee information

Documentation is needed

  • The government has designed a number of welfare programs for the children of ex-servicemen in the Kendriya Sainik Board. If children who are eligible of former servicemen have not applied for any other grant or scholarship or other grant, then they may be eligible for this program in order to receive full reimbursement of educational costs.



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