How to Get Guardianship Certificate In India

Get Guardianship Certificate In India By Yourself

  • A guardian is someone who is tasked with looking after someone else’s property or property…
  • The Guardianship requirement is for people who aren’t yet 18 years of age.
  • Guardianship is mandatory for those who suffer from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
  • Guardianship certificates for disabled individuals will be issued by the district court, under the Mental Health Act, or by local level committees that have been set by the identical Act.
  • A guardian decides in behalf of the minor, for safeguarding the interests of the minor as well as his assets.

Apply In-Person Application process for Local Level Committee (LLC) to be appointed a guardian for the disabled person.

  • Click here to locate your appropriate committee. Link Please select either your district or state, and select “Search” (keeping “LLC” choice) button to view the relevant list of committees to select.
  • Visit the appropriate office to obtain the application form to apply.
  • Use the link below to download the application online. Link
  • Fill out the application form and provide all the mandatory information.
  • The completed application must be submitted (in two sets) together with all the documents required as specified in the “Required Documents” section to the requesting authority.
  • Authority will review the application submitted. If everything is in order the authority will approve the application and issue a certified copy of the application as an acknowledgment.
  • Local Level Committee Local Level Committee will scrutinize the application and request any documents or other information needed to decide on the guardianship issue.
  • The guardianship sanction must be given or issued in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Apply Online via Local Level Committee (LLC)

  • Use the link below to submit your application online. Link
  • On the page, complete the required information according to the instructions to fill in the “Personal Details”, “Attachments Details”, “Proposed Guardian’s Details” and “Applicant Details” section. Do not forget to upload your documents to the spaces indicated in the appropriate.
  • Use the appropriate button on the bottom of each section, and then click the “Submit” to the end of each section to submit your application online.
  • Save the acknowledgement as a future use.
  • This application will be forwarded to that committee.
  • Local Level Committee Local Level Committee will scrutinize the application and ask for any additional documents or details that could be required to decide on the guardianship issue.
  • The warrant of guardianship must be given or issued according to the applicable rules.

Apply via District Court

  • Applicant shall approach an advocate to process his application/petition.
  • Contact an Advocate to ask for advice on your needs.
  • Contact information for District court contact details Link on this page, please click on the appropriate state to access an area with a district map. Select the district that is appropriate. The applicant will be directed to the next page. There, you can select the “Contact us” option beneath “About Us” in the left-hand side of the page. Here you will find the complete information about how to contact us.
  • The request for the guardianship rights of the person must be presented in the District Court having jurisdiction in the location where the minor or applicant lives.
  • Follow the guidelines of the advocate in submitting your petition to be granted guardianship.
  • When the court is convinced there is a reason to proceed in the matter and it is satisfied, it will fix an appointment date for hearing.
  • After hearing witnesses, the judge will issue an order following the hearing of evidence.
  • Your lawyer will receive the order and it will be delivered according to the lawful requirements.


If there needs to be clarification the district court will send this request to the appropriate committee/body for review prior to making an order.

Required Documents For Get Guardianship Certificate

  • The birth certificate of the individual suffering from impairment.
  • Certificate of residence for the person who is disabled.
  • Disability Certificate.
  • If it’s an organization or institution that is voluntary to be designated as a guardian, the approval of parents is required to be obtained from both sides of an Application Form.
  • The reasons for applying on an additional sheet.
  • Details of spouse (Application is filed for an appointment as a guardian to an female ward by the male applicant)
  • Consent of the person who is who are proposed to be appointed as guardian


  • In addition to the documents above, officials at the registration office could request additional documents or information. They will process them.
  • It is not required to provide original documents for proof. Self-Attested Photocopies may be submitted and, if needed, the Committee may request the proof of the original documents to verify.

Office Locations and Contacts

Delhi High Court
Shershah Road, Justice SB Marg,
New Delhi, Delhi 110503
High Court for the State Link High Courts List
for Local Level Committee Link for LLC Link choose the state or district you reside in, and select “Search” (keeping “LLC” selection) button to view the relevant list of committees to select.


  • Agents must be legally able and mentally capable of executing this kind of document.
  • The parents can jointly apply for guardianship
  • In the event of the absence of father or mother (due to divorce, death legal separation, abandonment or conviction) the other parent may apply for guardianship of the child (beyond the 18-year-old age).
  • In the case of death, demise or conviction of both parents or the children (including Step and half siblings) either singly or in combination (reason that a single applicant is to be explained in a separate manner) could request guardianship for disabled members within the familia.
  • If there is no parent, a family member can apply for guardianship.
  • In the absence or absence of parents or family members, any registered entity can apply for guardianship.
  • Local Level Committee Local Level Committee may direct an organization that is registered to submit an application for guardianship in the the case of a homeless or abandoned human being.


  • Advocate fees must be paid.
  • Document preparation costs are the other costs incurred.
  • Make payment for the stamp according to the requirements


  • Guardianship lasts until it expires at the time of death for the individual named guardian.
  • Guardianship is valid until the reason to which the certificate of guardianship is issued and executed.
  • The guardian certificate is valid until the certificate of guardian is cancelled or annulled

Requirements Information

  • Information about the person to be appointed as guardian as well as the person who is proposed to be appointed guardian
  • Name
  • Number for phone
  • Age
  • Nature of Disability
  • Address
  • Person with a disability who is the subject of guardianship granted
  • Relationship with the ward Relationship with ward, if there is
  • Property / asset details
  • Passport Size Photographs of the Parties.
  • Witness

The Document is required

A guardian’s certificate allows the right to represent the interests of the person in all legal matters throughout their lifetime for people with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation or multiple disabilities. These individuals are in a unique position because even after they reach the age of 18 they may not be able to manage their own lives and making legal decisions to improve their lives.

Information that could be helpful

  • It is not required to apply for the legal guardianship of someone with a disabilities.
  • Each guardian must submit to the authority appointing him within three months following the end of each fiscal year, an accounting of the assets and property under his control, the amount received and disbursed to the person who is disabled and the balance that remains in his possession.
  • The original ID you provide is required at the time of registration to verify authenticity. It will be returned that same date.



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