How to Get Nigerian Skills Qualification Certificate in Nigeria

How to Get Nigerian Skills Qualification Certificate in Nigeria By Yourself

  • You must enroll in an institution or university that has been authorized to issue the National Skills Qualification Certificate (NSQ) in Nigeria in order to apply for it. You can view the NBTE list of accredited institutes that offer NSQ.

  • Identify the NSQ program that suits your ability and goal that is available in five sectors, i.e., Hospitality and Tourism, Power/Energy/Engineering, Building construction, Service, and Agro-processing.
  • Next, visit the institution where you want to study and get the admission form.
  • Attach all supporting documents and complete the admissions form.
  • Pay the admission fee at the institution and get the receipt.
  • Submit the completed application to the appropriate official at the admission block.
  • An official will review your application and verify that it is complete.
  • After verification, you will receive the admission letter for your program.
  • After registering at the institute, you will learn about the program and, at the completion of the course, receive a certificate of learning.
Some institutions offer online admissions.

Documents Required For Get Nigerian Skills

  • Formulation.
  • Identification documents.
  • Academic documents

Find Office Locations and Contacts

The Executive SecretaryNational Board for Technical Education, (NBTE).
Plot B Bida Road
P.M.B. 2239
Kaduna – Nigeria
Contact details

What are all the Eligibility

Nigerian citizens can apply.


Fees can vary between schools. Please contact the appropriate institution for details.


There is no minimum academic requirement for entry. The following skills and attributes are helpful:

  • To succeed in the industry, you must be self-motivated.
  • You must be self-disciplined and enthusiastic.
  • Demonstrates initiative and the ability to build organizational skills.
  • They can demonstrate their ability to complete the qualifications required for the apprenticeship.
  • Willingness to learn and put that knowledge into practice in the workplace.
  • Willingness to work with respect for the safety and health of others and yourself.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt to busy situations.
  • You must be able to communicate with many people.

Requirements Information

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Contact details.
  • Declaration.

You will need the document

This certificate shows that you have completed the National Skills Qualification program.

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