How to Get Oil Block Allocations to Companies in Nigeria

Get Oil Block Allocations to Companies in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The applicant must visit the Ministry of Petroleum Resources to apply in person for Oil Block Allocations to Companies.
  • You can find the address and contact details in the contact link.

  • Inform the staff at the office that you will be visiting them to negotiate with the Minister about Oil Block Allocations.
  • They will provide guidance as necessary for the process. You may be asked to fill out an application form.
  • When you visit the office, make sure you have all of the documents listed in the “Required Documents” section.
  • Follow their instructions and follow them. As soon as possible, complete the application process.
  • Send the completed application along with all required documents to the appropriate official.
  • The Minister and the applicant then proceed to negotiate the application.
  • The Minister/applicant will appoint an expert to assist them in reaching a substantial agreement if they fail to do so.
  • Negotiations will be assisted by the expert who will also suggest ideas and proposals.
  • If the expert’s recommendation is deemed useful and substantial, the Minister’s Office will approve it and issue a Notice of Acquisition.

Documents Required For Get Oil Block Allocations

  • If applicable, completed application form
  • Minister’s Notice of Negotiation
  • Documentation proving company registration
  • Articles and Memorandum
  • Oil prospecting license/Oil Mining Lease valid
  • Negotiation proposal
  • Any supporting document (as instructed)

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Headquarters,Department of Petroleum Resources,
7, KofoAbayomi Street
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact numbers: +234 (1) 279000, 9037150
Website Homepage
Contact link
Google Map directions
To inquire about Oil & Gas Industry Service Permits (OGISP),
Tel: +234 (1) 2790000, 9037150 Ext. 50295-7

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone who holds an Oil prospecting license/Mining Lease in Nigeria and wishes to apply for Oil blocks can do so.


There is usually no cost.

Requirements Information

  • Name and Nationality of Company
  • Nigeria Registered Address
  • Capital available
  • Type and location
  • The plant capacity range
  • Description of the Source(s).
  • Specifications of the products included
  • Any relevant details

You will need the document

Oil block allocations are benefits offered to Nigeria by the Federal Government. Oil Prospectors or Oil Miners are invited by the Minister of Petroleum Resources to negotiate and offer a specific geographical unit of division on Nigeria’s Continental shelf.


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