How to Get Safety and Security from Kidnapping in Nigeria

Get Safety and Security from Kidnapping in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The applicant/foreign traveller must contact any security agency in Nigeria to apply in person for Safety and Security from Kidnapping.
  • If the applicant is unsure, they can ask for assistance at their consulate or embassy in Nigeria.
  • You can find the contact link for the address and contact information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Get information about the Embassy or Representative of your country by contacting the Ministry
  • Approach the Embassy to inquire about Safety and Security from Crime.
  • You will be assisted by the authority and explained the real situation of Nigerian crime threats, and possible dangers.
  • You will be advised by the doctor about safety and preventive measures you should take before you go to visit.
  • Follow these instructions carefully and you can set off on your journey. A personal security guard may be recommended by the embassy official.
  • Any private security agency can provide personal security. An embassy official can direct you to the right agency.
  • To hire security, you will need to apply at the agency.
  • The security guard will be familiar with the local events and will guide you and protect you during such incidents.

Documents Required For Get Safety and Security

  • Apply to hire security
  • Security agency fees
  • If required, a copy of the passport
  • Original proof of identification
  • Statement/proof of the visit
  • Any supporting document (as required)

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs andTafawa Balewa Building
Federal Secretariat,
CBD, Abuja.
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Website homepage link

Contact link

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone who is a foreign traveller and wishes to be safe from being kidnapped while in Nigeria can apply for Safety and Security From Kidnapping.


The agency can provide details about the fees.


  • Foreigners should avoid wandering around unnecessarily, be careful while driving in Nigeria (if that is the case), and remove any ornaments that may be costly when they travel outside.
  • It is also recommended that they display any valuable possessions to avoid kidnapping.
  • In an emergency, the driver is asked to stay with the vehicle and to be aware of traffic jams and signals.

Requirements Information

  • Name and age
  • Contact number and address
  • Nationality
  • Identification card number
  • Passport number
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Names and other details of family members
  • Bank details
  • Number of payment receipt

You will need the document

Foreign travelers who wish to avoid being kidnapped while in Nigeria are required to hire security services.


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