How to Get Ship Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

Get Ship Clearance Certificate in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The Nigerian Ports Authority is the contact person for obtaining a ship clearance certificate.
  • All required documents must be prepared by the applicant.
  • For a complete list of documents that are required, please refer to the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  • Port Health officials will first board the vessel to inspect it in accordance with International Health regulations. This is to ensure that crew and ship are free from communicable disease.
  • As an acknowledgment of inspection, it issues a free pratique. Next officers from Nigerian Immigration Service approach the Ship’s Master to demand certain documents necessary for clearance.
  • After receiving clearance from NIS the Ship’s Agent should forward the Notice of Ship’s Entry and any other important documents to Nigerian Customs Services Enforcement Department.
  • Officials from Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA), enter the vessel and demand certain documents for ship clearance.
  • After NDLEA has cleared the vessel, Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service, (NAQS), board the vessel. They request an Import Permit and Phytosanitary Certificate, and then conduct an inspection.
  • After all regulatory agencies have received the required documentation and products, a Ship Clearance Certificate can be issued.

Documents Required For Get Ship Clearance

  • Free Pratique
  • Maritime Declaration of Health
  • Crew List and Vaccination Liste
  • Nil List
  • Port of Call List
  • Provision Store and Narcotic Liste
  • Ship Sanitation Control/Exemption Certificate
  • Documentation proving vaccination
  • Clearance Sale
  • Nil List
  • Crew List (In Duplicate).
  • Clearance Sale – Last Port of Call
  • Seaman Record Book
  • Clearance Sale on Departure

For required documents , please refer to the “SHIP CLEARANCE” section of the following document.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Corporate Head Office,Nigerian Ports Authority,
26/28 Marina, Lagos.
P.M.B. 12588 Lagos
Tel: +234 01463 7496, +234 01463 7497, +234 01463 7498
Website homepage

Contact link

What are all the Eligibility

Ship Clearance is available to any shipping vessel that arrives at the Nigerian maritime port.


You will be informed by the authorities about the charges.

Processing Time

It can be processed in less than a day.


  • To be accepted by the Authority, it is essential that all information on the completed form is correct and that the form be filled in clearly.
  • To avoid rejections, make sure you attach all required documents.
  • For more guidelines instructions, please refer to the “SHIP CLEARANCE” section of the following guidelines documents.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the company
  • Country of origin
  • Name of the vessel
  • Name of the registry port
  • Call sign and official number
  • International Maritime Organization (number and class)
  • Full address of the company premises
  • Nationality and number of shareholders

You will need the document

A Ship Clearance Certificate is needed for cargo/shipping vessels to be cleared from ports to respective locations within the Nigerian Republic.




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