How To Getting Married In Germany

How To Getting Married In Germany

If you’re thinking about marrying in Germany you will need to go to the Standesamt to notify them of the wedding. Contact the Standesamt to confirm the hours of operation prior to visiting, as most likely , the office will only be open for a few hours on a weekday.

Documents that are required Getting Married

  • Passport. Military i.d. Card aren’t always accepted.
  • Birth certificate.
  • A statement that states you are not married.
  • Marriage questionnaire
  • The power of attorney is to sign the registration.
  • Certificate of admissibility to get married
  • Widows must present an official death certificate for their spouse who died.
  • Certificate of Finality in Divorce
  • Certified copy of divorce decree
  • Wedding Certificate (of all marriages before)
  • Affidavit Bi-Lingualist of Marital History
  • A foreign partner (e) who is not resident in Germany or an European Union (EU) country must either apply for a visa or be able to travel to the country with no Visa (where the possibility exists).).
  • When one or both of the couple to get married is at minimum 16 years old, but is not yet 18 The
  • German the age at which a person can become emancipated then the couple must get an approval of the Family Court in order to be married.

Office Locations and Contacts

In general, you can pick from the three Standesmter(1) the one in which you’re stationed
(2) (2). The place in which you reside and
(3) The place where your fiancé (e) lives.
(4) Other Standesamt within Germany provided you have reached out to one of the above listed Standeslamter first.

Below are a few of the registrars addresses.
Standesamt Charlottenburg von Berlin
Alt- Lietzow 28
10587 Berlin

Standesamt Wilmersdorf von Berlin
Berkaer Platz 1
14199 Berlin

Standesamt Schneberg von Berlin
10825 Berlin

Standesamt Tempelhof von Berlin
Tempelhofer Damm 165/169
12099 Berlin

Standesamt Reinichendorf von Berlin
Eichborndamm 215/239
1337 Berlin

Standesamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
Anton-Saefkow-Platz 7
10369 Berlin

Standesamt Pankow von Berlin
13187 Berlin

Auenstelle Berlin-Buch
Wetbergstr. 38
13125 Berlin

Standesamt Hohenschnhausen von Berlin
Zingster Str. 2
13051 Berlin

What Are All The Eligibility

The minimum age to marry is 18. If parents consent to it, one of the parties can be younger than 18 years old but not less than 16 years old. You may need to talk to the family court.


The cost of the civil ceremony is around 100 to 200 dollars. There are additional costs in the process of applying.

Processing Time

6 (6) months


  • After you have all the paperwork completed and submitted after which – based on your particular situation It will only be two to six weeks until the civil wedding ceremony.
  • Each spouse are required to be present during the obligatory civil wedding ceremony.
  • A ceremony for religious purposes conducted with a military chaplain or civilian clergyman is not required.
  • After completing the registration procedure, you must get married within the next 6 months

Requirements Information

  • The name of the couple who will be getting wed.
  • Name of their witnesses.
  • The age of the couple who plans to tie the knot.
  • Marital family history.
  • If your fianc (e) cannot be present when you register for the impending marriage, then you need to present a written statement indicating that he/she agrees to the initiation of the registry process (Beitrittserklarung).
  • Date of birth.
  • The City, County or State of Birth.

The document is needed

Germany is not a country that recognizes common law marriages and demands the marriage ceremony to be civil prior to registering a registrar of Vital Statistics (Standesbeamter) in the locale Office of Vital Statistics (Standesamt)

Information that can be useful

All documents that are required to be translated and not longer than six months old. You must hire an official interpreter to perform the translation or have a lawyer to verify it.

Other uses for the document/certificate

If one spouse dies when they die, pensions and property pass in the name of widows. widow(er).
The partners need to help each the other financially.
If a divorce is pending the court may require a binding settlement to be sought.

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How To Getting Married In Germany
How To Getting Married In Germany


Each of them requires the passport of both parties as well as evidence of residency that is valid for more than three weeks.



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