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  • It is not possible to celebrate marriage on national holidays, not even in the middle of the week, such as the Christmas season, St. Stephen, the day that begins the year, which falls on March 18 (the patron saint) Easter, Easter Monday, which falls on April 25 1 May, the 1 November, and so on.
  • The time and date are determined by the official State Civil, based upon the date of the signing the publication. In the event of marriage through delegation the presentation of the delegation issued by the municipality of residence and/or the declaration of acceptance of the report by the civil status officer who is in charge of the wedding ceremony. On the day of the wedding, there must be two adult witnesses. The bride and groom as well as witnesses must have an official document.
  • Weddings held at the headquarters of the Town Hall are free while celebrations at the Fortress are additional.
Civil Ceremony Civil Ceremony
  • The civil ceremony of Italy is a legally valid marriagethat is accepted throughout the world. It is a civil marriage, as per the law, must take place at the town hall or in a building belonging to the town hall. It will be conducted by the vice-mayor or his replacement. In certain cases some villas have been granted special permission to hold civil weddings.
  • The couple will need to sign certain paperwork at Italy in advance of the wedding ceremony Italyweddings can assist in this process and the documents for American citizens for example, documents like the Atto Notorio along with the Nulla Osta. For non-natives The process is easy, and the couple should think about arriving in Italy for two or three days before the wedding ceremony.
  • The ceremony is beautiful written and has a lot of meaning and significance. It’s more than just an ordinary Justice of the Peace or Registry office ceremony that you might be used to. The couple is free (and are encouraged) to include readings and music and some of the aspects of a religious ceremony can be included such as the bride’s handing over to the groom, exchange of vows, and the exchange rings.
  • Witnesses are required to witness the civil wedding ceremony typically two people from your wedding guests, which is typically the maid of honor and the best man, although usually parents. If you don’t have guests, Italyweddings will take care of the witnesses.
Ceremonies of Religion Ceremonies
  • A wedding with a religious theme could be one of the following: a Protestant ceremonies, Jewish marriage, Roman Catholic rite. According to Italian laws, the sole church allowed to conduct legally legal Church wedding ceremony is that of the Catholic Church.
  • An Protestant blessing can be the most frequent kind of blessing, and it offers a high degree of flexibility. The blessing may be performed in the church of a Protestant Church in Florence or in the grounds and halls of hotels and villas, or in private chapels of a lot of the villas we collaborate with.
  • The ceremony is similar to the Protestant blessing that you are familiar with. It will include readings, prayers vows, vows, the exchanging rings and the wedding ring getting handed over, the choice of music and, in some cases when the couple would prefer, Eucharist may be included.
  • Within the Protestant Church, it is required that at least one two of the participants must be a baptismal Christian and that the wedding be confirmed by at minimum two witnesses, and that the wedding conforms to the state laws in addition to the canons of the Church. A bishop or priest typically preside at the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage, because these ministers are the sole ones to are responsible for delivering the nuptial blessing as well as of reciting Eucharist. Holy Eucharist.

Required Documents For Getting Married

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • A final divorce ( sentenza di divorzio) or annulment decree or death certificate (if previously married)
  • If the other party is less than 18, a sworn declaration of consent to marriage must be signed by the parent or guardians of the legal
  • Additionally, you’ll need the necessary tax stamp
  • You might also have to get a certificate that there is no obstacle ( nulla or osta) by a consulate that states that, according to the laws that you are under in your country of residence there is no hurdle to the union.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministero dell’InternoPiazza del Viminale n. 1 – 00184 Roma
TelefonoCentralino tel. 064651
41.899721690058364, 12.494035363197326

Effective Resource and Contacts

Municipality of Savona

Venice Municipality

Marital Status and Register

Italy weddings and services


  • Minors are not able to contract marriage.
  • The court, upon request from the person who is being investigated has established his physical and psychological maturity and the validity of the arguments made following the hearing of the prosecutor, parents or guardians, can with an order in private admit serious reasons for marriage when the individual is over the age of 16 years old.
  • The order will be given before the Public Prosecutor as well as the bride and groom, the parents and guardians.
  • The appeal against a decree is possible. to appeal the decision of an appeals court within a time limit of ten working days after notice.
  • The appeals court has decided not to challenge an appeal of an order made by the chamber of council.
  • The decree becomes effective when the time period is specified under the paragraph 4 is completed, with no complaint being filed.

Examples of Documents

Civil Code Articles 84-148 and 159-219

LAW , May 31 1995 # 218 Articles 26-32




  • In Italy the marriage process is not a simple one. Before a marriage is permitted to take place, banns have to be published by an official of the civil registry.
  • The banns last until six months after the date of posting. It is therefore possible to be married as early as the 4th day of the month until the 180th day from the day the banns were posted for the first time.
  • If you’re in the non- European Union citizens and are not a resident of Italy You must get the signature of your employer authenticated.
  • Prior to getting married, you must follow for “Publications”.
  • In accordance with Italian Law, the legal requirements for couples from abroad who want to achieve their dream and be married in Italy by a civil Ceremony are different based on the country from which they came.

The Information You Need

  • The name of the couple who will be getting wed.
  • Name of their witnesses.
  • The age of the couple who plans to tie the knot.
  • Marital family history.

The Document is required

  • The marriage has many and important effects on both the personal and financial balance sheets.
  • In particular, it creates between spouses all the relations that are outlined in the status of a married couple. However, its value isn’t only limited to the relationship between spouses.
  • The union between parents, in reality, is the only requirement for recognition of the legal status of a child.
  • It also establishes a personal relationship between spouses, as well as legally relevant third party, such as through the forming in the bonds of affection as well as the consequences.

Information that could be helpful

No residency requirements – unlike the majority of Italy and indeed Europe there is no residence requirements or minimum stays in the area in the Coast of Maratea and the Cilento.

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Legal requirements for foreign couples who want to marry in Italy


Be aware that town halls in Italy might require foreigners to sign the declaration of marriage prior to the wedding day. Therefore, make sure you arrive at least a few days before the wedding ceremony. The rental fee of the wedding hall and can differ in the location you’re getting married, has the requirement of being paid.



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