How To Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Germany

How To Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Germany

  • The Government’s Student Loan Scheme
  • If you’ve discovered the perfect student loan, it is possible to apply online, or at the branch of the bank in the city you live in.
  • After the verification of all required documentation (like e.g. enrollment documents, CV, last exam grades etc. ) and the bank will create an agreement on education grants for the loan.
  • After signing the agreement, disbursements may begin on a monthly or semester-wise basis or as a one-time payment.
  • In accordance with the interest-paying method, the amount of money you pay may be reduced by interest cost at the beginning, or interest are allowed until the when the repayment period begins (after you’ve completed your studies and found work or a better paying job). The time to pay back depends on your financial status and also on the bank criteria for student loans.

Application Wizard

Application for a Student Bank Loan

Student loans are offered to many students. Students borrow funds for his education. He repays the loan amount and interest over a certain period of time.

Certain banks that offer student loans come with a strict procedure for applying and demand the submission by an Assessment Center. Few banks provide the option of financing postgraduate studies or an additional bachelor’s degree.

  • You must go through an application procedure.
  • You must agree to request an credit report.
  • The bank determines to see if your application has met the bank’s internal criteria.
  • If the assessment was completed successfully, you will be invited for a phone interview.
  • You are offered a deal and you sign an agreement.

Documents Required Guidance to Apply for Student Loan

  • Formula 1.
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Evidence of being away from home
  • Evidence of assets and income of the student
  • Attachment to form 1
  • Instead of Form 2. Certificate of a higher education institution in conformity with 9 BAfG
  • 3. (respectively divided into father wife, mother, father or husband, unless in the the case of BAfG that isn’t dependent on the parents).
  • Tax notice for full income of the parents , two years prior to the submission for the form.
  • Evidence of attendance at school and, if appropriate the earnings of sisters and brothers.
  • Form 4. (only for the initial application of students who are from outside)

The relevant body will inform you of any additional documents required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Training Assistance (BAfG) HotlineMo: Fr. 8 to 20 hours , Sa. 10-14 hours
Telefonnummer: 0800-BAFOEG1 bzw. 0800-2236341
Domestic – studies (including internships)
An education (including training) in Germany
Study, an education, an internship abroad

What Are All The Eligibility

  • German as defined by the Basic Law are those
  • German nationality or
  • temporarily , the status of (status) German without German citizenship (as in relation to the principal application repatriates in short-term by issue of the certificate in accordance on 15. BVFG German citizenship acquired) are able to.
  • In principle, there should be a clear explanations of the trainee’s personal on the benefits of having German citizenship. In case of doubt, it could be proved by the showing of proof of a valid passport or valid identity card issued by Germany. Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Individuals who temporarily enjoy legal status (status) German, this can be demonstrated by showing an ID that is valid in accordance with the status as German.


Funding period

Documents to Utilize

Application Formulas

Examples of Documents


How To Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Germany
How To Guidance to Apply for Student Loan In Germany


  • A valid application can only be made when the application is in writing which is personally signed by the person applying or their legal representative by name , and accepted from the Office of Student Aid.
  • The application needs to be renewed for every funding period. This is even if the application for the prior authorization period hasn’t yet been approved or denied and there is not yet granted a final decision and lodged as or a defense filed against.
  • The authorities need to verify whether the certification of eligibility satisfied the specified requirements.
  • Complete the applications directly to the director of your Office of Student Aid.

The Information You Need

  • Your data
  • The study results you have gathered
  • Information from your parents
  • Declaration
  • Signature

The document is needed

  • The student loans offered in Germany are provided by the state , as in the form of banks and institutions (private loan for students). Certain loans only cover tuition costs at German state universities. Other loans cover tuition costs for private institutions as well as costs of living.
  • The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAfG) offers young people since 1971 with opportunities to study. The BAfG aids young women and men to attain their interests and aptitudes relevant education whatever the fiscal circumstances of their families.
  • BAfG is providing education opportunities for youth for more than 40 years. In essence, federal assistance for training under BAfG means that the training is provided from the state sector. The government provides the student with the necessary financial resources to cover the cost of living and the cost of training.

Information that could be helpful

  • Costs for boarding are directly connected to training, in the event that you visit an educational center is also making the need for a boarding facility. A boarding school is required, and accommodation is only required in the event that the goal of training cannot be accomplished without these facilities. This is especially true when the institution of learning makes accommodations for boarding schools an obligatory requirement or an appropriate training center can not be visited daily in the case of disability, the trainee is not able to board.
  • To accomplish the objective of training an outside accommodation is required if a suitable training center located at the residence of the parents can’t be located. If, however, an educational center that can be reached for this particular training goal is found however, the basic requirement for the evaluation of boarder’s accommodation isn’t satisfied.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAfG) offers educational opportunities

External Links

Federal Training Assistance Act (BAfG)

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Federal Training Assistance Act BafG (Legal Guide)

BAfG Application

Information on education grants


  • The Office in the area where parents are permanent resident also has to be accountable in the event that the other parent is not a resident is a resident of the same district, or at least who’s residence is not clear.
  • If the residence is well-known parent in another country, the same application, it is deemed to be the residency of permanent students.
  • The authority, in which district the student can be considered a resident permanent, is also accountable if the residence of the parents is unclear and if the parents are not known are absent, or the parent are not recognized as being the parent or the date of turning 18 for apprentices the person is not in is in a condition.




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