How to Guidance To Apply Student Loan In United Arab Emirates

Guidance To Apply Student Loan In United Arab Emirates By Online

  1. The student or their parent or guardian can be eligible to apply for the loan. Collect all documents you will have to provide at the time of application to the lender. The requirements for documentation may differ for those who have credit cards issued by the bank from which the loan is taken out from.
  2. Fill out an application and make sure you’ve provided all the information required on the application form. Many forms are accessible from the bank’s site.
  3. In submitting an application:
    1. In Person: Most loan applications can be completed in person with the person applying or their guardian taking the application to the bank You can make an appointment with the bank by giving them a an incoming call. Complete the application form together with the necessary documents. Be aware that banks may require you to provide additional documents in addition to those listed in the section ‘Required documents. It will be better if you can get in touch with the bank’s representative/lending officer/customer service by phone first before you go to bank’s branch. They will provide you with an overview of documents required as well as answer your questions, and then direct you to the closest branch within your region.
    2. On-line: To save you some time, decide to submit the loan process online. Some banks will require applicants to fill out a preliminary application electronically, and include some of the documents required via email. After having reviewed your application loan officer will call you to discuss the application.
    3. On the phone: Some banks can accept loan applications via phone. Begin your application with a call to the customer support number. Ensure that you provide the essential details in your application, such as the amount you require to borrow, the institution and the course information, business details, and so on.
  4. If your application is accepted The bank will then ask parents or guardians to sign the loan contract. Be sure to read the loan contract carefully before signing it. Take note of your interest rate and grace period, the date you’ll begin repaying the loan and the penalties in the event in default.

Required Documents For Guidance To Apply Student Loan

A few of the documents banks may require applicants to present or submit:

  • A valid passport and visa page
  • The most recent Salary certificate or carbonized Pay slip. You might not require this form if you’re credit card holder
  • Statement of credit card and copy of the front side of the card
  • The Bank’s Account Statements (Lastest 3 Months) There is no be required to provide this information in the event that you’re a credit-card holder
  • Offer Letter or Copy of Invoice from the School
  • Post-dated cheques
  • One undated security check

Be aware that the bank might request additional documents. Check the website of the bank prior to visiting their branch to request an loan.


  • Minimum Income: AED 8,000
  • Students, parents, and professionals working in the field can request a loan

Eligibility requirements may differ depending on the bank.


The banks might require the borrower to pay a fee of around 1 percent of the amount of loan (Min. AED 500) Some banks might also make applicants cover the cost of security (Up to 1% of the Loan Amount).


Certain banks offer education loans with a repayment time as long as 48-months.


Before submitting an application for a loan to a student:

  • Be sure to show and provide all necessary documents that the bank will request.
  • Pay attention to rates of interest, terms and repayment plan that the bank offers. Check out various banks and conduct some research on the bank’s application procedure.
  • The amount of the loan: You might not have to take the total amount of the loan the bank offers you. Be aware that what you’re receiving is not the same as a grant, but it is a loan. This means that you’ll have to repay the entire amount and interest in the near future.

The Document is required

A few banks in United Arab Emirates offers education loans that help to pay for costs associated with schooling, such as fees for tuition, travel accommodation, and other daily expenses.

These loan programs are designed to aid students in their academic pursuits simpler by making the interest rate considerably lower than other personal loans made available by banks and banks offer loans with a the possibility of repaying up to 48 months.

Here is a guide that can help students/parents/working professionals apply for student/education finance in United Arab Emirates.



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