How to Import Pharmaceuticals (Vaccines) In Benin

 Import Pharmaceuticals (Vaccines) In Benin By Online

How to apply the creation of a Company

  1. In the case of a new company, the importer is required to register it via the Single Window for Formalization of Enterprises (GUFE) of APIEX website Link and obtain all the certificate/documentary of the registration of the company and importer card
  2. How to  Import Pharmaceuticals (Vaccines) In Benin
    How to Import Pharmaceuticals (Vaccines) In Benin

Obtain direct removal authorization permit

  1. The importer will then go towards your General Directorate of Customs and Indirect Rights, D/G customs secretary office to submit an direct removal request’ letter, a commercial invoice for the goods, and an receive the direct removal Letter discharge slip.
  2. Within 2-4 days , the General Directorate of Customs issues an import authorization. This direct debit permits is in place for the person who is importing on the discharge slip, the importer’s ID.

Transit order establishment

  1. The person who is (importer) must then must contact an approved broker to finalize the customs formalities. You can physically present yourself at the agent’s office or send him remotely (mail, telephone) the information/documents necessary for the importation procedure i.e (Air waybill, import authorization permit, commercial invoice for the goods,) Link
  2. The broker will prepare an estimate based on the charges to be paid to all agencies and structures that be involved in the process of importing for the shipment to be delivered to their destination (including the cost of the commission agent) Based on the information you received from the importer. They will give you a quotation slip.
  3. If you are an importer and agree to the broker’s services You will have to pay fees to the broker either in cash, with a cheque or Bank transfer within one business day after making the payment you will receive an order to transit from the broker’s office against .

Exchange of documents

  1. The broker authorized by the company is required to visit office of the Aviation Handling Service office Invoicing/Freight Service department to receive the invoice for handling costs. The broker will collect the document of exchange for cargo i.e. “flight transport letter,” commercial invoice for the goods, and certificate of analysis” after having charges at the cash desk.

Retrieval of the merchandise at the terminal.

  1. The broker will then go towards his Airport Customs Recipe, Customs collectors office , and hand in the Direct Collection Request, Import Authorization by Direct Debit, Certificate of Analysis, Commercial by the customs officer, who then affixes his passport to the direct removal request.
  2. The broker then visits the chief brigade’s office , and forwards the importation dossier for verification with the head brigade officer. when he is sure with the document’s authenticity, correct and he gives his approval, granting an authorization of direct departure (head of brigade) which allows the customs officer in the customs permanent office to issue the release/exit voucher to the designated broker.
  3. The broker will then go to the AHS import store and {submit the presents thevoucher for xit, authorization of direct removal (head of brigade) to the storekeeper, who confirms them, and then releases the goods as ‘chicks’ for the agent.

Customs declarations are made.

  1. The broker who is authorized goes for Benin Chamber of Commerce and Industry offices, where they buy the forms for customs declaration, comprised of five sheets, which are sold in 100 sheets or more with CCIB payment receipts. CCIB payments receipt.
  2. The broker then connects to the ASYCUDA system and enters the declaration of each bill of landing of the goods and obtain 5 copies of the import declaration documents for each of the following agencies i.e .
  3. The broker will then go into The Directorate General of Taxes and Domains, Office of the Tax Mission for Exceptional Regime and provides the five copies of the of the import declaration file along with other documents supporting them in the direction of the Tax Mission officer for processing.
  4. When the tax office has finished processing the file, which will be in between 15 and 21 days, they will forward the complete file to the customs office that is responsible for the declaration”MP1 declaration” and the withdrawing by the broker against the professional card of authorization.
  5. The broker is then directed to the Customs Cashier office to sign the MP1 declaration and inform the cashier he wishes to pay the costs of customs clearance to remove his products.
  6. When you pay, the cashier will place his signature on the seal of the payment receipt and will issue the receipt to you.

Required Documents For Import Pharmaceuticals (Vaccines) 

  • Direct removal request letter
  • commercial invoices for the goods
  • Air waybill
  • National identity card (importer/broker)
  • Directly debit authorization
  • Import authorization via direct debit permit
  • Commercial invoice, importer card
  • IFU registration certificate
  • Receipt for payment (directorate for breeding).
  • Direct Removal Request
  • Direct collection request
  • certificate of analysis
  • Transit order
  • Professional authorization card for brokers.
  • MP1 declaration

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Boulevard Steinmetz, Cotonou 01
BP 363
Tel: +229 21 31 07 04
Fax: +229 21 31 07 51
MyCompany .BJ

World Society for Consignment and TRANSIT
Address: Boulevard Saint Michel, Cotonou 04
BP 1186
Tel: +229 21 32 13 54
Fax: +229 21 32 13 48

List of authorized Brokers Benin link Benin Link

Address: Boulevard de la marine, Cotonou Tel: +229 80 00 00 01 / +229 80 00 00 02 Website: link

Airport Customs Recipe
Address: Route de l’Aeroport, Cotonou 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 21 30 16 64 / +229 21 30 01 37

Contact: Airport road, Cotonu 08
BP 1097
Tel: +229 21 30 91 82 / +229 21 30 91 83

address: Airport road, Cotonou 01
BP 369
Tel: +229 21 30 50 42 / +229 21 30 35 42

Cotonou 01 Address Cotonou 01
BP 31
Tel: +229 21 31 12 38 / +229 21 31 20 81
Fax: +229 21 31 32 99Email:

Contact, Cotonou 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 21 31 22 36


  • Authorized brokers employed by an importer to import vaccines and pharmaceuticals via Air Route to Benin

Processing Time

  • The estimated processing time between {different steps various steps (cumulatively) is between 20 and 35 days.


To access ASYCUDA system

  • You can sign the declaration at his office if you have access to ASYCUDA (the broker needs to have been authorized, and the program must run on his computer).or
  • Make use of the computer and internet connection that is available in the non-marked room (computer space) at the Customs Office.

The Information You Need

  • Information on the importer
  • Contact information of the importer
  • The details of the broker
  • List of items to be imported
  • The country of country of
  • Point of entry
  • Number of the Nation ID card: importer/broker

Documentation is needed

  • The import of a pharmaceutical “vaccine” must be registered and comply with the rules of customs and standards required by the Ministry of industry and commerce and other regulatory bodies in order in order to be permitted admission into Benin.

Information that can be useful

More details about the required documents and the various methods of importation

Importer card”Business Creation”

  • In order to carry out any export-import process the economic person has to possess an importer’s certificate. The Importer Card is issued along with other certificates for the establishment of a company. The process of creating a business is completed at APIEX’s Single Window for Formalization of Enterprises (GUFE) of APIEX. APIEX.

Obtained the removal authorization permission

  • To import vaccines the importer structure must request from the department of customs the authorization to remove directly from the market of taxes and taxes.

Transmit order

  • It is the form of document that requires the authorized broker to act for the benefit of the economic operator. The contract makes the latter liable to the broker authorized by the company.

Exchange of documents

  • For an authorized broker, this means obtaining from the freight carrier all originals of documents that pertain to cargo (air waybill invoice, invoice, different certificates of analysis, etc. ).

Retrieval of the goods at the terminal.

  • Customs conduct the final checks, and also authorize the removal of the items from the freight services. A variety of checks are also performed by the Gendarmerie.

The establishment of the declaration of customs.

  • Exports and imports can be subjected to customs duty. Customs officials in Benin have created an information system known as ASYCUDA World to permit authorized brokers to create their own declaration from their office before proceeding with liquidation. For the importation and importation of vaccines additional formalities must be completed because of the exemption from certain taxes and duties.

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  • Benin Trade Portal: Link

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