How to Obtain Business License In Israel

Obtain Business License In Israel By Online

  • Fill out an application form. The form is available in the section “Documents to Use” which you can download the application form.
  • Send the completed form along with the other documents required.
  • When your application is accepted the service agent checks that the application contains all necessary documents, then forwards it to the licensing examiner. If there are any missing documents the service agent will return an application back to the person who submitted it to request the documents that are missing.
  • When the plans for business are in order and conform to all legal requirements and all documentation has been filed in a timely manner the licensing examiner is required to sign the business plans.
  • The application fees must be paid. The fee for the license is payable at the Business Licensing Authority by credit card, or by using cash in the postal office, or at banks.
  • After the payment, the application is scrutinized The licensing offices will offer their opinions according to the sequence:
    1. Building Supervision and Planning Information Departments will determine if the location where the business is located is in compliance with the building and planning laws.
    2. The Business Licensing Authority will match the business plans to actual facts as well as to the hygiene standards in the workplace.
    3. Others licensing bodies (police police, fire department Ministry of Health, etc.) will conduct tests simultaneously in accordance with the nature of the business according to the Business Licensing Law.
  • An owner of a business who is looking to have his or his application scrutinized by all licensing authorities simultaneously, should complete the Declaration Form for the Initiation of a Simultaneous Aproval Procedure (Hebrew) in order to then submit this form to the examiner who is responsible for licensing. The link is below.
  • If all the licensing authorities required have approved the application The Business Licensing Authority will issue the business license, which will include any terms and conditions set by licensing authorities.
  • If one or more license authorities chooses to issue temporary license (and there is no other authority that has rejected the application) or if one officials do not make an announcement within the timeframe legally required and the application is denied by one of these authorities, the company will be granted an indefinite license, whose duration expiration date will be determined by the shortest duration determined in the opinion of one licensing authorities as stipulated by the law.
  • If any of the licensing authorities refuses the application, then the business licence application is denied.
  • Businesses who have been rejected for a license are able to appeal in the Court of Administrative Affairs within 60 days, or , alternatively appeal against the refusing authority’s decision via the Business Licensing Authority within 30 days after receiving the rejection notice.

Required Documents For Obtain Business License

Candidates should be able to attach these documents to their application:

  • Business plan with five copies and signed by an experienced professional (civil engineer or practical engineer in civil engineering , architecture or architect). Other copies of plans could be required if business owner requests that the review be conducted through all license authorities at once and approval is required by more than 5 authorities.
  • A photocopy of lease title of ownership for the property.
  • Vicinity’s plan, on 1:250 scale.
  • The site’s layout is detailed, and at a scale of 1:150 drawn on the basis of copies from the plan for business.
  • If the company is a corporate or company it is required to submit an official certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies, current at the time that the request was submitted.
  • The preliminary opinion is binding when one was issued to the licensee.
  • A power of attorney will be granted to the applicant, if the individual who is submitting the application is not the business’s owner.
  • An official declaration (Hebrew) made by an architect, which certifies that the building is free of construction imperfections (not obligatory).
  • A tax on property (arnona) Application form completed by the license holder.

Office Locations and Contacts

Licensing OfficeAddress: 13 Safra Square

Public Reception Time:
Sun. Mon. Wed. Thurs. : 8:30-11:30 | Tue. : 14:00-17:00
There is no reception for the public on the Friday and holiday eves

Contact Numbers & Email addresses


  • Business fee for application to license: 313 NIS(for a single licensee)
  • To replace a damaged or lost business license: 157 NIS.

The cost of licensing is payable at the Business Licensing Authority by credit card or cash from the Post Office or at banks.


The validity of a business licence is determined by the type of company that needs an authorization.

Documents to Utilize

Declaration Form to initiate the implementation of the Simultaneous Approval Process

The document is needed

Any public or private as well as associations, non-profit organizations institution or other entity of any kind, which requires an authorization under the Business Licensing Law, must possess a license to start and run an enterprise. This guideline provides details on how to obtain one.

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