How to Marriage Licenses In United States

Marriage Licenses In United States By Online

  1. Be in compliance with the age requirement of the state where you live.You are likely to be required to present your birth certificate as proof of your age.In many states, the minimum age to be married for marriage is 18.In Nebraska and Mississippi, however, you have to be 21 and 19 respectively.
  2. Be sure to show proof of your identity before applying for the wedding license.In along with a birth certificate your valid driver’s licence (or the state issued photo I.D.) as well as a social Security card are typically required to verify your identity.
  3. Meet the requirements for blood tests (if required) in your state.
  4. Consent to be married. It might seem simple, but you have to not just consent to the marriage, but also be of a sound mind and be able to give your consent.
  5. Stop your prior marriage. You are not able to marry if you’re already married to someone else.
  6. Make sure you pay the fee.It is recommended to contact the records clerk ahead of time to confirm whether they’ll accept the payment method you prefer.
  7. Find the address and location of the venue where you obtain the marriage certificate.
  8. If you are planning applying in person be sure to bring the required documents as described above.
  9. You must marry within the time frame specified in your license to marry. Licenses to marry can expire. Be aware of the expiration date for your marriage license, and get married before the license expires.
  10. Know that the person in charge of your wedding ceremony should sign the document and give the marriage license back to the person who has issued your license.

Required Document For Marriage Licenses

  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Photo issued by the State I.D
  • Social Security Card

Office Locations and Contacts

Be aware of the exact location of the Clerk’s office.


The legal age for marriage is 18 years old for both genders.


The cost for obtaining the marriage license is different per state. It is possible to pay between $25-$90.


The majority of marriage licenses last between 30 to 90 days. Certain marriage licenses in states do not have an expiration date.

Processing Time

In several states, you can get your marriage certificate immediately. Certain states, however, have a waiting time between two and five days in order for your application to be granted or denied.If you’re seeking to be married, you could consider eloping or getting wedding in Las Vegas


  • Get ready to apply for an Marriage License.
  • You can apply for the Marriage License.
  • Make use of your Marriage License/Get Married

Requirements Information

  • The proof of age is required.
  • A valid ID.
  • Consent to be married.
  • Stop the marriage prior to. You are not able to marry if you’re already married to someone else.

Documentation is needed

An marriage permit is an official legal document issued by a state or church authority, allowing the couple to wed. The process for getting an official license differs from country to country and has been modified in the course of time. Marriage licenses first began to be granted during the Middle Ages, to permit an engagement that would otherwise be unlawful (for instance in the event that the required time frame for notice of the wedding had not been provided).

Information that can be useful

  • Find out the requirements for marriage licenses in your state prior to you submit an application for a marriage certificate as rules for every state are different and can change.
  • If this isn’t the first time you’ve been married, you must provide the proof of divorce or dissolution of spouse prior to applying for a marriage certificate. A majority of states don’t require evidence, however some do.

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  • Do not think about the captain of your cruise ship getting married to you. It is an untruth to believe that sea captains just because he is an official sea captain, is granted the authority required by U.S. law to conduct an event of marriage at sea, which is legally valid in any state. Even if the sea captain is also ordained as a religious figure Many states have laws that prohibit sea captains from performing marriage ceremonies.
    • Don’t mix a marriage license and the marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is only for ceremonies only and does not prove a legal marriage.




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