How to Join the Royal Bahamas Police Force In Bahamas

Join the Royal Bahamas Police Force In Bahamas By Online

  1. To become a member of in the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) All applicants must fill out the “Preliminary Registration Form”.
  2. The form is online and is accessible whenever the process of recruitment is in progress. The forms aren’t downloadable and are not available in police stations or in police stations or at the Police Training College.
  3. In the “Preliminary Application for Recruitment” You will be required provide the recruiters with the most basic details about yourself as well as your educational background, work history, as well as background information.
  4. Read the form attentively and answer the questions in the most honest way feasible. It will be impossible to proceed when all required fields aren’t filled in.
  5. If the academic requirements for admission is not met, students are required to take an Entrance Exam.
  6. The Entrance Examination will be scheduled between 9:00 am until 4:30 pm, at the Police Academy.
  7. Candidates will be informed of the time of the exam and required to show a photograph I. D when getting into the Examination Room.
  8. The candidates will be informed of the results of their examination by the relevant official within the Police Academy 3-4 weeks after the exam has been written.
  9. Candidates who pass the test are eligible to take part in the extended interview.
  10. It is an in-depth evaluation exercise that is conducted over two days which includes:
    • Physical Fitness / Medical Evaluation
    • Psychological Screening
    • Written Test
    • Assessments and Individual Meeting
    • A Short speech and group discussion
    • Find out More about the Extended Interview
  11. If you meet the necessary requirements An extensive background investigation will be completed through The Screening and Investigating team.
  12. A staff member from the academy will reach out to the student to let them know whether you been successful or not passed.

Required Documents For Join the Royal Bahamas Police Force 

In the course of completing your application during the application process, you will be asked to submit the documents listed below:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport and/or Certificate of Bahamian citizenship
  • National Insurance Card
  • School transcripts

Office Locations and Contacts

The Police Staff Association:
Royal Bahamas Police
ForcePolice Headquarters
East Street NorthNassau,
P/.O.Box N-458
The usual business hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pmOffice: (242) 975-2360

The Police Training College
Thompson Boulevard
Nassau, Bahamas
Telephone: 242-325-8551-3
Fax: 242-326-4341
Contact Link: address details


To be eligible for membership in to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, all applicants must

  • You are a Bahamian citizen
  • Have a good moral character and have no criminal record
  • You must be between 18-30 years old
  • Have good academic qualification
  • Meet the medical requirements
  • Perform well throughout the Assessment Process
  • You can be a Bahamian Citizen

Processing Time

3-4 weeks after the taking of the exam.


  • To be a qualified applicant, one must possess an academic qualifications at least 4 BGCSE’s in grade “C” or higher or take the Police Academy’s Entrance Test with a score of English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Intelligence.
  • During the process of interviewing in the interview process, you’ll have to undergo a physical, mental and medical assessment and must be able to meet the minimum standards set up by the Training College.
  • Take all the tests that are listed during the Assessment Process.

The Document is required

This is a requirement in order to be an officer of the police for the Bahamas.

Information that can be useful

Click here for more detail on the process of assessing: Link

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