How to Land Ownership Search in Nigeria

Land Ownership Search in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The applicant must visit the Land Use and Allocation Committee office in the state where he/she lives to conduct a Land Ownership Search.
  • You can find the contact link address and contact information for the Land Use and Allocation Committee.

  • You can visit the office to inform the officer that you would like to conduct a land ownership search.
  • You may be asked by the official to provide any documentation that is relevant to the ownership of the land. These documents can be found under “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Follow the instructions given by the official to trace the Land Registry and provide any information you require.
  • Next, the applicant must visit the Office of the Surveyor General to verify the coordinates of the relevant land and to confirm whether it is subject to government acquisition.
  • You can find the contact information for the office in the “Office Locations and Contacts” section on this page.
  • Present the appropriate official the coordinates of the land and plan of survey.
  • With the aid of your documents, he/she will confirm and inform you of the registration status and availability status of that land.
  • If lands are acquired by companies, the applicant must conduct a search at The Corporate Affairs Commission to verify registration.
  • You can find the contact link that contains the address and contact information for the CAC.
  • To verify that the land was not taken from the estate of a deceased person, the applicant should conduct a search in the Probate Registry.
  • In such cases, the applicant must ensure that the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration is in the name of the person selling the land.
  • You can find the contact link for the contact information of Probate Registry.
  • Next, the applicant should conduct a Traditional Investigation to determine if the land is in the family or community of the vendor.
  • Other than these, the applicant must visit the land and verify that it is the original owner.

Documents Required For Land Ownership

  • Number for Land Registration
  • Copy of the title land (if it is available)
  • Land’s Plan of Survey
  • Coordinates of the land
  • Any document that is related to the land

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Lands Bureau.Block 13 and 14.
The Secretariat
Alausa, Ikeja
Enquiries: 08177775128, 08177775129
Website: Homepage
Contact link

Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation
6, Jere St.
Garki 900103
Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 9 876 1927
Corporate Affairs Commission contact link
Probate Registry contact link

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone in Nigeria who wants to purchase land in Nigeria can apply.


For more information on fees, please contact the office.


  • The department responsible for the application can be contacted to inquire about any additional documents that may need to be attached.
  • To avoid rejections, applicants are asked to fill out the application form accurately and completely. All required documents must also be submitted.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant particulars
  • Number of identification card
  • Email address and details of the address
  • Bank details
  • Number for Land Registration
  • Particulars about the land
  • Coordinates of the land
  • Other relevant details

You will need the document

A Land Ownership Search is done to determine if a specific land in Nigeria belongs a certain person.



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