How to Make a Service Complain at Uganda Media Council In Uganda

Make a Service Complain at Uganda Media Council In Uganda By Yourself

  1. Anyone can make a complaint against journalists in person by going to their Uganda Media Council offices .The address to office addresses of Uganda Media Council offices can be located in the “Office Location and Contact” Section on this page.
  2. The applicant will receive an official Complaint Form 1. To fill in The form is accessible from the Media Council secretariat and on its website. Click here to access Uganda Media councilfill and then submit. The form for application can be obtained from Uganda Media Council’s official website by clicking the Uganda Media council link . The application form should include the reasons of the complaint, the nature of the damage or injury sustained and the remedy sought.
  3. Complete the form on which you are applying and then attach all required documents. A list of the necessary documents can be found on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  4. Complete the application form along with all necessary documents to offices of Uganda Media Council to allow the processing of your application. Your complaint is sent through the Committee of handling Complaints.
  5. When a complaint is received after receiving a complaint, the Complaints Commission shall notify, in writing, to the party to whom the claim is filed within 14 days of receiving the complaint, informing them of what the complainant is complaining about, the violation of the act or omission that is being complained of and the date at which the matter will be considered before the Commission.
  6. The notice of referred requires those against whom the complain has been made to reply with a written response or to appear before the court at the time of hearing the case.
  7. After having considered the arguments of each party after considering each submission, the Commission is then required to make a preliminary evaluation to determine whether or otherwise of the complaints made within 14 days.
  8. After conducting a preliminary evaluation on the Matter the Commission and being convinced of the Commission that it is not devoid of the merits or substance, disqualify the complaint with justifications.
  9. If the Commission believes there is a violation in the Act or Code it can assist in a quick resolution of the complaint through sending the matter to an inter-party mediation process within 14 days.
    • The mediation process is completely confidential, voluntary and private.
    • The process is usually completed within fourteen days.
    • In the event that the complainant isn’t addressed within the 14-day period, the complaint is referred to the Commission of the Council Handling Committee (“the Committee”) to conduct further investigations and further action.
  10. If the mediation fails, or the parties, or any of them object to any mediation attempt The Commission must file the complaint to be heard in full.
  11. After hearing a complaint the Commission may make a decision it thinks is appropriate and issue instructions in relation to the complaint

Required Documents For Make a Service Complain at Uganda Media Council

  • Identification card of the complainant.
  • Card of the journalist’s press release (if available)

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Media Council:Postel Building, Kampala Clement Hill Road
6th Floor-Rm. 7 , 14 and 7 Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 23780 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: 041-254908/
Fax: 041230367
Website: Uganda Media Council

  • Scroll to towards the very bottom of page. The contact information is available.


  • Every person is eligible for this benefit.


  • This service is provided free without charge.


  • The validity of the findings of this service is only as long as the case remains open.

Processing Time

  • It is instantaneous.

The Information You Need

  1. Method of reporting
  2. ID Number
  3. Gender
  4. PWD Status
  5. Mobile
  6. Email
  7. The type of complaint

Documentation is needed

  • It aids individuals to make concerns at Uganda Media Council. Uganda Media Council on misconducts or unprofessional practices of journalists.

Information that could be helpful

  1. Anyone who would like to submit a complaint the Council about any act or practice of an officer in the Council is strongly advised to complete the prescribed form prior to forwarding the complaints letter/document(s).
  2. The complainant needs to fill in the form and mail the original copy to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  3. The information provided in the specified form are kept confidential and is only utilized to the benefit of the Uganda Media Council (“the Council”) in an authorized way. The Council may pass on the details of a complaint to other government agencies where appropriate for further action/investigation.
  4. Any Council officer who receives any complaint, whether written or oral, written must note the information in the departmental complaint registry.
  5. In the event that the matter is straightforward the receiving officer must take action immediately to resolve the issue and amend the register.
  6. In the event that the matter is of a moderate or significant, it should be escalated to an appropriate supervisor for further investigation and resolution as per the council’s Service Charter and the complaint register is updated in hardcopy or soft copy if needed. In the event that the complaints are not addressed in the time period of 14 days after receiving it, it should be referred the the council’s Commission Handling Committee (“the Committee”) to conduct further investigations and decision.
  7. A Chairperson from the Committee (“the Chairperson”) will notify the complainant, and update the records. If the complainant has not satisfied with the decision of the Committee they should send the complaint written to the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) to take additional action as required and records are updated.
  8. Managers and Heads of Departments must transmit the complaints registers to the Chairperson every quarter for an analysis.
  9. The Chairperson will take all complaints in a single file and send these to the Committee via the Secretary before the meeting of the quarter.
  10. The Committee is expected to produce a report containing the following information in accordance with the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) templates for complaints handling:
    • The date the complaint was made;
    • Complaint channel;
    • The name of the person complaining
    • Complaint – issue
    • Action taken;
    • Root cause;
    • Corrective action is taken to settle the issue;
    • Status – This should be stated whether the complaint is:
    • Resolved;
    • On-going;
    • New And
    • In-progress complaints from the earlier quarter (resolved and in progress).
  11. When it is determined that the C.E.O is the object of the complaint the complaint is referred over to Board Chairman to take further actions.
  12. If one among members of the Board member is object of the complaint The complaint must be sent either to the principal secretary or Cabinet Secretary.

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The Council is a body that performs the following roles The Council’s functions are:

  • Regulating the conduct and encourage ethical standards and discipline among journalists.
  • Arbitration to settle disputes between media and the public as well as between the state and the media.
  • Film classification




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