How to Make Return of Details of Pharmacy Business In Uganda

Make Return of Details of Pharmacy Business In Uganda By Yourself

  1. In order to make returns on the business of pharmacy, the applicant needs to be registered with Uganda Revenue Authority. Go to their website on the link below. Uganda Revenue Authority
  2. Once the pharmacy’s business has started The applicant is required to submit returns to the Uganda Revenue Authority within a period of twenty-one days from the premises each year during January.
    • Act provides that any person who operates a pharmacy at any place must do so within twenty-one days from the beginning by him or the business, cease to operate at the premises, and also every year in Jan.
    • Anyone who operates pharmacy-related business in Uganda without submitting annual reports to the Authority will not be permitted to conduct business, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  3. The applicants must send to the authority return forms in the manner prescribed in which they must provide the location and address for the premises as well as the name and address of the individual operating the business as well as the address of the pharmacy who supervises the sale of the drugs on the premises.
  4. Complete the application in full and with all supporting documentation to the licencing Authority. If you fail to submit the required documents will make the application process uncomplete.
  5. The Authority must, within a day following receipt of an application that is complete, review and write a comprehensive report of the returns submitted in connection of the application. It will submit its findings on the license authority’s behalf in writing.
  6. If any change is made to the information provided in the return that was last filed the person who is in charge of the business must within 21 days of the change, notify in writing the appropriate authority.
  7. In evaluating an application for returns, it must be able to prove that it is comparable to the returns that have been filed before and the antecedents of the applicant
    • the credibility and reliability that the Pharmacy administration and management;
    • the sufficiency that the structure and capital of the applicant is adequate
    • earning prospects,
    • financial plans, business plans,
    • Reinsurance and retention ideas;
    • and whether the public interest could be served by the granting of an authorization.
  8. After reviewing the application, you must pay a non-refundable cost for licenses of (2,500,000) in the direction of the Insurance regulator (Licensing) Board.
  9. The Authority will then take a look at an request and inform an applicant within 21 days of the date the application has been submitted and, if further details are needed, the 21 day period starts starting from the date of application’s submission with the further details.
  10. The Authority could, if convinced that the applicant is compliant with the requirements of the Act give Return of Details of Pharmacy Business to the applicant upon submission of the required amount or refuse to issue returns for pharmacy business and provide reasons in writing explaining the reason for its decision.
    • If the return is rejected If they are refused, the Authority will inform the applicant within one business day following receipt of an application that is complete.
  11. The returns are subject to conditions and terms that the licensing Authority decides to be appropriate. The pharmacy’s business returns shall also be subject to supervision and oversight through authorities such as the Uganda Revenue Authority.
  12. The pharmacy business returns will expire at the expiration of one year at the time of issue. They may be renewed upon application on the prescribed form, and following payment of the prescribed fees.

Required Documents For Make Return of Details of Pharmacy Business

  1. Include a registration for a pharmacist on your application.
  2. Attach a degree certification from the pharmacist on the application form.
  3. Add Articles of Association on the application form.
  4. Attach a copy of the pharmacist’s I.D in the Application Form
  5. Attach the Attorney General’s Certificate to the application form.
  6. Personal Identification Number
  7. Attach a Memorandum of understanding to the application form prior to sending.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda
Physical address: Pharmacy House,
Plot 1847 Kyambogo Banda
The address for the postal envelope is P.O.Box 3774 Kampala Uganda.
Phone: 256 414 581679/+256414348796/+256 392174280
Jurisdiction: National
Contact Email:
Website: Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda
The Council of Pharmaceutical society of Uganda
P.O BOX, 3774 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: 0414348796, 0392174280


  • Registered Pharmacy Business


  • Fees for the return of information about an enterprise in the field of pharmacy is USh. 539,024


  • The validity period is one year

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time needed to process the return form for business at a pharmacy is 21 days.


  • Return of the Details of Pharmacy Business The provision says that within 21 days of the beginning of business, returns are to be sent to the authorities.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the proposed License Holder (if it is a limited company, Please provide the your country and the year of registration)
  • License Number (if is known)
  • Information on Business
  • Address of the principal building
  • Location exact of the properties to which this application is affixed.
  • Specific Activities in relation to the subject of this application
  • Capital formation and structure

The Document is required

  • It is illegal for anyone to operate as a pharmacy business unless the person has an active license to practice.

A pharmacist is:

  • holds the diploma of the pharmacy program or its equivalent that is recognised by Pharmacy society of Uganda;
  • after having obtained the certificate in accordance with paragraph (a) and has enrolled in an internship for the period and in such a manner as the Board can direct;
  • It is satisfied with the Board that is engaged in an the internship described within paragraph (b) has gained sufficient knowledge and expertise in the practice of pharmacy.
  • is an official member of a professional body that is recognized to be recognized by Board.

Information that can be useful

  • A person is said to be engaged in practice when he or she takes part in, conducts, or is involved in prescribing and compounding or community pharmacing of prescription drugs within Uganda in any way
    • on the account of the individual and is entitled to the total amount of charges and fees earned on behalf of the individual’s financial benefit.
    • when in partnership with other persons, the parties are eligible to part of the profits

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