How to Media House Registration In Uganda

Media House Registration In Uganda By Online

  1. The registration form for Media houses is available by contacting Uganda Media Council or Uganda Media Centre.
    • A mass media organization should not be involved in any media house-related business without being they have been registered with the Media Council in writing and is approved by the council for this reason.
  2. Before you apply for registration, Media house must sign up through the Media Council as an authorized Media house according to the guidelines of Media council. Media council.
  3. Anyone who would like to establish a Media House shall meet the following requirements:
    • The applicant should ensure that he/she is been approved by the Media council as an authorized editor for the mass media company.
  4. Once you have met the above requirements, follow the steps to fill out the application form to become the media house.
  5. Pay the prescribed amount in accordance with the rules of the council for media as well as the Uganda Media Centre.
  6. Fill in the completed form, along with the pay slip and any other documents, as directed from the Media Council. It is the Media council inspector office shall inspect the Media House before the registration certificate is issued.
  7. Take Your Media House Certificate from media Council or Media center in the location where you submitted your application within 7 days of the day the application was submitted to the media council in the event there isn’t a rejection.
  8. Media Council may deny approval to a Media Council may refuse to accept a Media House which does not meet all the criteria or has no adequate mechanism for disseminating information, or is based on an allegation that is not being able to prove its truth or accuracy.
  9. The Council can refuse the application in the event of an belief that the Media house approved is not operating in a satisfactory state The Council could decide for this Media House be discontinued from operating.

Required Documents For Media House Registration

  • Media House Registration Form
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration
  • Uganda Revenue Authority Pin Number
  • The list of journalists who work for the organization.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Media Council. (UMC)Secretary for the Media Council,
Communications House, Plot No. 1 Colville Street,
3rd Floor Room 305, 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 23780 Kampala, Uganda
Fixed desk line: +256 41 254908
Mobile No. : +256 772 516456
Website:Uganda Media Council

Uganda Media Centre
35, Nile Avenue, Kampala
P.O.Box 2665 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256312261525/6/7, +256414-237-141/3
Website:Uganda Media Centre


All media firms that operate in Uganda.


  • Register of details of editor of mass media organisation Ugsh.10,000.
  • Notification of changes in the particulars of the editor of mass media. Ugshs. 5,000


Valid for one year.

Processing Time

Processing time for processing is 2 days.


Different media enterprises as per Uganda Media Council’s categorization:

  • Large media house five or more outlets that have the ability to reach a large area and or high power frequency that has regional reach
  • Large media house with five or more media channels that have national reach and/or high power frequency, with nationwide reach
  • Medium media houses – – Two to four outlet media or medium frequency
  • Micro media houses – Two outlets and a low-power frequency
  • Small media houses One outlet for media
  • Minimal media companies – One outlet for media with a frequency range of 40 kilometers.
  • Magazine publishers.
  • Foreign media companies.

The Information You Need

  • Media House Name
  • Date of the establishment
  • Certificat of incorporation number
  • Uganda Revenue Authority PIN number
  • Type of media
  • Headquarters details
  • Information about the contact person
  • Staff details

The Document is required

  • All media companies operating in the country, particularly those in counties, are encouraged to notify to the Media Council of their existence and operation in order to ensure their the compliance.
  • The Press and Journalist Act 2013 stipulates that the Uganda Media Council, the media regulator in Uganda must recognize all media organizations that operate within the country. Media companies are required to pay to pay a fee for accreditation.

Information that can be useful

A foreign media company who plans to operate or establish a presence in Uganda is required to be integrated into Uganda. Two options are readily available. It is possible to incorporate it into Uganda in the following ways:

  • an locally-incorporated private firm; or
  • It is registered as an affiliate office of a foreign corporation.

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