How To Modification to Vehicle Registration In Chile

How To Modification to Vehicle Registration In Chile

  • Visit any of the offices that is part of the Civil Registry.
  • Request a corrections for the registration number of the car you own.
  • Make sure to submit all required documents.

Documents Required Modification to Vehicle Registration 

A note on Levies as well Bans

  • Foreclosures must include the Tribunal to grant an attachment decree, the nature that the reason plays, the information to identify the vehicle and its registration number Single Patent , and evidence that it has carried out the process of seizure.
  • Clothing can be authorized only with a private or public instrument that has been authorized by notary notarized.
  • Alienate Ban The document you submit must include the vehicle’s identification number, the number for your license plate Single Patent and individualization of the owner.
  • The registration of securities is not a matter of the simplest possession
  • Reports and Modify Type of Fuel

Removal as well Domain Limitations Uprising

  • For vehicles that have been that are admitted to the country as part of customs exemptions, it is based on the circumstances:
  • The Certificate of Reversal is issued through the National Customs Service, or a Release Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or a simple request to the owner of the vehicle in case the period of time has passed from the date of the ban to alienate
  • Modifications to the Vehicle Original documents that show the information that has been altered, and must identify the owner of the vehicle as well as the code for Patent Plate Single. Patent Plate Single.
  • an Annotation Request, specifying the data that is to be altered
  • To change color, an affidavit with the color change the data plate with a single patent or a certificate of Technical Review or a Certificate of Ocular Municipal Review with the color change for the automobile.
  • To change the engine A receipt or other document that demonstrates your purchase for the brand new vehicle or Affidavit to Notary Public of the owner or his legal representative, regarding the location and date of purchase of the engine. Also, it must be accompanied by an Technical Review Certificate or Certificate of Ocular Municipal Review that outlines the new engine’s number of the vehicle.
  • For changing the vehicle’s type, an invoice or receipt from the shop or the business which performed the transformation, or an Affidavit in front of a Notary Public of the owner or the legal representative of the owner, regarding the modifications made. It should be with the Certificate of Technical Review granted by a company certified through the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications or the Certificate of Ocular Municipal Review.

Office Locations and Contacts

  • Telephone Number 800 370 2000

To view Chilean Civil Registry and Identification location offices, go to this site: http://www.regist

How To Modification to Vehicle Registration In Chile
How To Modification to Vehicle Registration In Chile and click on the “Offices and Times” tab.

What Are All The Eligibility

Chilean citizens with an official certificate of registration for their vehicle.


There is no cost for this procedure.

The Document is required Modification to Vehicle Registration

If there are any mistakes found on your registration certificate of your automobile, then the proprietor may seek to amend the information by filing an inquiry for correction. The procedure is based on the fact that any mistakes discovered must be supported by documents.

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