How to Obtain a Aerodrome Construction Permit In Uganda

Obtain a Aerodrome Construction Permit In Uganda By Yourself

  1. If you are looking to obtain permission to build an aerodrome, then you have fill out the form that is prescribed from the Authority.
  2. Fill in the form and attach the appropriate documents. They should be accompanied by these instructions:
    • an in-depth design of the proposed building, which includes the architectural requirements
    • Aerodrome information in line to the specific characteristics of the aircraft for which the aerodrome was designed as well as
    • an topographical map of proposed aerodrome site , as laid out in the Authority.
  3. After filling out the application form, you must attach an authorized authorization form from an appropriate authority indicating that the authority has granted permission for the site to build an airdrome.
  4. Attach a national management of the environment report that has been endorsed by the body responsible for environmental protection.
  5. Make the required payments and then submit your application.
  6. The Authority must, prior to the issuing a construction permit determine the suitability of the site proposed for construction , taking into consideration.
    • The location’s proximity to other aerodromes as well as landing areas , such as military aerodromes
    • Obstacles, terrains and airspace restrictions
    • It is in the common sense that the area in which the aerodrome will be built should be used for this purpose.
  7. The Authority will inspect the location of an airfield during its construction to determine if it is in compliance with the prescribed standards and the conditions of the permit for construction of an aerodrome.
  8. The applicant , upon successful fulfillment of all requirements required by the Authority and in compliance with the standard set and regulations, shall be granted an aerodrome building permit.

Required Documents For Obtain a Aerodrome Construction Permit

  • Aerodrome information in line with the countries of the critical air craft to which the aerodrome was designed.
  • A detailed plan of the construction, including architectural specifications.
  • The applicant must have an authorization valid from an appropriate authority for use of the space as an aerodrome construction site.
  • The application has to get the approval of the body in charge of national environmental management.
  • Topographical map of proposed aerodrome site in accordance with the specifications.

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Aviation AuthorityAirport Road Entebbe International Airport.
P.O. Box 5536 Entebbe, Uganda
+256 312/414 352000
Email Address:
Site: link


The applicant for the Aerodrome building permits for aircraft must satisfy all eligibility requirements set out in Civil Aviation Authority of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Regulations 27.


Construction permit inspection grants/renewals in the form of an Aerodrome Licence. Code No. code letter reference length

  1. A Little More than 80M
  2. B 80m, up to 1200M, but not including it.
  3. C 1200M to, and not including 1800M
  4. D 1800M and over.

These are the charges which are payable each year to organizations or individuals who are building a private Aerodrome, as described above.

  • Inspection fees A-250,0000,B-300,000,C-350,000,D-400,000
  • Certificate fees A- 50,000,B-75,000,C-100,000,D-150,000

Searching for the aircraft register or any other registers 20,000


Validity: 2 Years , unless the permit is cancelled, suspended or cancelled in accordance with the Regulations of UCAA.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Month


  • The purpose of the permit is guarantee the compliance with safety standards.
  • A person is not permitted to construct an aerodrome until he or she is able to obtain a valid aerodrome construction permit granted under the regulations.
  • Any person who is in violation of the regulations commits an offense and is subject, upon conviction to a fine of not exceeding forty-eight points of currency or to a sentence of prison not exceeding 24 monthsor both.

The Information You Need

  • Aircraft operators
  • Approved maintenance organisations
  • Organizations that are responsible for the production and/or design of aircraft
  • Air traffic Services
  • An aerodrome manual
  • A plan for the aerodrome;
  • A report on the environmental impact of a project
  • Approval from the authority in question;
  • the evidence of financial capability for aerodromes that fall in category B
  • specifics of any non-compliance, or deviation from aerodrome design and operating standards;
  • details of those airspace requirements and
  • Charges are as per The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) or the Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC).

Information that could be helpful

  1. The person who applies for a permit to build must make sure that the design of the aerodrome has been designed by a registered member of the appropriate professional body.
  2. A person applying for a permit to build must make sure that the construction of the aerodrome is carried out by an individual who is registered with the appropriate professional body.
  3. Anyone who is in violation of the provisions of sub-regulation (1) (2) or (2) commits an offense and is subject, upon conviction to a fine not exceeding forty eight points or to a maximum of twenty-four months, or both.

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