How To Obtain a birth certificate In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Obtain a birth certificate In Antigua and Barbuda

  1. Visitors to the Registry must fill out the required forms, send the forms to the attendant at the Registry and then wait for the form to be filled out.
  2. Applications for the Certificates can be obtained in the Civil Registry Counter
  3. International applicants can reach the Registrar General via the address listed or via email to request documents.
  4. Anyone who is seeking certificates from outside are requested to send the required amount through an International Postal order or Money order that is made payable to the Registrar General.
  5. All documents are returned by registered mail unless alternative arrangements are made, and then paid for by the person applying. A lot of urgent requests are dealt with through courier services like Fed Ex, DHL or LIAT Quickpak for Caribbean requests.

Documents Required Obtain a birth certificate

  • Application form filled
  • Parents ID card for parents

Office Locations and Contacts

High Court of Justice, Civil Registry

Division of Registrars

P.O. Box 163

Tel: 462?3744/0609

Fax: 462?3929


What Are All The Eligibility

Every birth registered in Antigua and Barbuda must be recorded within 30 days of birth.


10.00 (EC)


Birth certificate is valid for life

Processing Time

Processing is performed on the in situ


Inclusion of the Father’s name in the Birth Register

The name of the father can be added in the birth record using the following steps:

(1) Both parents who are present in the Registry with valid photo identification . They must also fill out the appropriate forms and then sign the appropriate form to have the father’s name to be added.

(2) (2) Upon the an application from the mother, on the production of a sworn statement that the person who signed the declaration is the parent of the child, and an official declaration from the person confirming himself as the parent.

(3) In the event that paternity orders for the child of the child was granted in the High Court, or a paternity ruling was made by the Magistrates court. Magistrates court

(4) In the event that the parents were married prior to the birth for the baby.

Removing a father’s name is done through the court’s order or an affidavit, along with a Paternity test. The mothers who marry but happen having a baby who is not of the marriage are reminded that their child will be considered as a spouse’s child or a child of the marriage, unless proven other ways. If a father dies prior to his name is recorded in the record and the mother is unable to submit an application to a judge to have his name added. In the same way, if the mother dies, the father may include the name in the form of an Affidavit.

The name of a child’s surname is determined by the Birth Certificate. Therefore, if there is no Mothers surname is the sole name listed on birth Certificate the child is automatically carrying his or her Mothers surname.

When the Father’s name appears on the birth certificates,, the child is named after the father .Double names with barrels aren’t common within Antigua and Barbuda

Corrections and additions

Errors could be corrected in the register

(a) In the margin, without alteration to the initial entry

(b) Affidavits provided by the person who is looking to have the mistake rectified or by two trustworthy individuals who know the reality of the situation that explain the nature and circumstances of the mistake of the entry. The Registrar is able to approve a second entry, with a reference to the initial entry.

Names for baptisms can be added to the Registry until 7 (7) days following the date that the baptism of the child upon presentation of the baptism certificate.

The Laws of Antigua and Barbuda permit up of six (6) months after the date of birth or death for the registration of Births and Deaths without an Affidavit

The Information You Need

  • It is the date of birth of the baby,
  • The child’s sex,
  • A child’s name or a name it has been given or a planned baptismal name;
  • Names of mother and father and
  • The address of the mother or father or baby is stillborn, the fact has to be acknowledged.

Documentation is needed

The Registry has records dating starting in the 1930s. The earlier records are, for the most part, are held within the National Archives. People who want certificates prior to this time should first contact the Registry for a request form that are stamped by the Registry and then taken into the Archives where the record will be extracted from Archives. After being extracted the photograph of the register has to be returned to the Registry where an official Certificate will issue.

Requests for documents from overseas that predate the 1930s are dealt with by the Registry staff who will submit the required applications for the National Archives.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The birth date and the age of birth:
  • Registration for school
  • Proving the age of majority or minority in the court
  • Eligibility for social security, pensions, or health insurance
  • Finding an SSN
  • The process of obtaining an identity card
  • Entry into employment is only restricted to citizens.
  • The licenses are only available to citizens.
  • Proving legal dependency
  • In obtaining inheritance benefits
  • In receipt of insurance benefits

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How To Obtain a birth certificate In Antigua and Barbuda
How To Obtain a birth certificate In Antigua and Barbuda



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