How To Obtain a birth certificate In Australia

How To Obtain a birth certificate In Australia

To apply online, complete the application on-line, and include the details of your credit card to pay and a 24-hour contact number.

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Facsimile Applications:

To apply via facsimile to apply, print the application form, then fill it in and fax it with your valid identification.

Darwin (08) 8999 Darwin (08) 8999


Alice Springs (08) 8951 5340

A Postal Service:

To submit an application via postal mail Please print the application forms, then fill in the form, and mail it with your payment and your certified identification to:

Registration of births, deaths, and marriages

GPO Box 3021

Darwin NT 0801


PO Box 8043

Alice Springs NT 0871

Personal Application:

For applications in person, you must visit the office of the Registrar General during normal hours (Monday-Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm).


Ground Floor Nichols Place, corner Bennett and Cavenagh Streets, Darwin; or


Centre point Building located at the corner of Gregory with Hartley Street, Alice Springs Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek Courthouse, Paterson Street, Tennant Creek


Katherine Courthouse, First Street, Katherine

If you make an application in person, you will need to submit the completed application form along with the proper photo identification

Documents that are required birth certificate

  • If you’re applying for your Birth Certificate or that of your child (if they are not yet 18) then you must submit an adequate proof of identity for you. or a valid driver’s licence from the NT with a photo or current Australian passport
  • If you’re seeking an Birth Certificate for another person aged 18 or over, submit the following information:
  • A valid ID is required for you and
  • The proper ID is required for the individual who is named on the certificate and
  • A letter of permission from the person who is named on the certificate the parents (if the child is one of them) or their representative (e.g. the sibling Power of Attorney, lawyer social group, welfare group, or the legal guardian).
  • Include your address, their daytime phone number, and their signature.

Office Locations and Contacts


Location:Ground Floor, Nichols Place, Cnr Cavenagh & Bennett Streets,

Darwin NT 0800

The address for the post office is GPO Box 3021, Darwin NT 0801

Ph:(08) 8999 6119

Fax:(08) 8999 6324

Alice Springs:

Centrepoint Building, Cnr Gregory & Hartley Streets, Alice Springs NT 0870

The address for the postal envelope is PO Box 8043 Alice Springs NT 0871

Ph:(08) 8951 5339

Fax:(08) 8951 5340


Tennant Creek:

Location:Tennant Creek Courthouse, Paterson Street, Tennant Creek NT 0860

Postal Address: PO Box 84, Tennant Creek NT 0861

Ph:(08) 8962 4377

Fax:(08) 8962 4375


What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone born in Australia are eligible to receive birth certificates.


The cost for our standard certificate is $A41. Additional $A12.30 is required for registered postage from person-to-person within Australia or $A16.10 to cover international postal costs.

Certificates will be sent to the applicant’s address. The applicant is required to show proof of identity and/or sign the certificate at the time of delivery via Australia Post.

Payments can be done by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) Pay by Money Order or Bank Cheque.

Processing Time

Requests that are not made in person are usually processed within 3 business days following receipt, if all the requirements are fulfilled (i.e. access evidence of identity, access to the computer, along with payment). But, sometimes, we might not be able to meet our standards of service charters for certificates that aren’t stored in a computer.

Please note that the processing time we provide does not include the cost of postage. Please allow enough time to postage your application.


  • Parents do not have a right to automatic access to birth records for their child when the child is 18 years old.
  • The Registry will grant access only when the child is in agreement with the application.
  • Unfortunately our priority service isn’t accessible on the internet. If you need a certificate urgently, you’ll need to apply via mail, fax, or in person. Contact our office for details on our priority services.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the child’s name
  • Birth date
  • Names of parents
  • The city and province where the baby was born
  • The date, name , and Signature of the certificating official, Secretary or Acting Registrar and the seal of the office.

The Document is required birth certificate

Birth certificates are sensitive and contain personal information regarding you and your family members. As a precaution against fraud on your identity and safeguard your private details, your access to your records is limited. As an example, you may not be able apply for your grandchild’s or brother’s birth certificate.

Certificate applications will be subject to Registry’s Access and Proof of Identity guidelines.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • The birth date and the age of birth:
  • Registration for school
  • The age of majority/minority is a factor to prove in the court
  • The eligibility requirements for social security, pensions, or health insurance
  • The process of obtaining the social security number
  • The process of obtaining an identity card
  • The entry-level job is restricted to citizens
  • The licenses are only available to citizens.
  • Proving legal dependency
  • In obtaining inheritance benefits
  • Benefits from insurance

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How To Obtain a birth certificate In Australia
How To Obtain a birth certificate In Australia


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