How To Obtain a Birth Certificate In Barbados

Obtain a Birth Certificate In Barbados By Online

  1. Go to at the Registration Department, New Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark Road, St. Michael. Applications made in person before 11:15am will be processed before 3pm the day of the application.
  2. Get one application form. To download a birth certificate application form, click on this link:
  3. Fill out your application.
  4. Send the completed request to Registration Department, and then attach a money Order to cover the processing cost.
  5. Money Orders must be made payable at the office of the Supreme Court. Anyone who chooses this method of application must also include an envelope addressed to themselves with enough postage for return.
  6. The application must be submitted in full and sent to the Registrar of the Supreme Court
    Registration Department,
    New Supreme Court Complex,
    Whitepark Road
    St. Michael.


Required Documents For Obtain a Birth Certificate

Write down the required documents to complete the process. e.g. 1. The proof of birth is available at the hospital.

Office Locations and Contacts editOffice Locations and Contacts[ edit

The Registerer of Barbados’s Supreme Court of Barbados
Registration Department
Coleridge Street
Barbados, W.I.
Telephone: +1 (246)-426-3461
Fax: +1 (246)-426-2405

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade
1 Culloden Road,
Barbados, W.I.
Telephone: (246) 431-2200
Fax: (246) 429-6652 / (246) 228-0838



Anyone who would like to get an official birth certificate. Anyone who is who is related to the person who owns this birth certificate.


Applications are processed at an amount in the amount of BDS$1.00 for persons older than 60 and BDS$5.00 for all other applicants.


Define the period of time that the document or certificate is valid. e.g. Birth Certificates are valid for life

Documents to Use editDocuments to Use[ edit

Application for Birth Certificate:


Sample Documents[edit]

Attach a sample of completed documents that will assist others who want to follow this method.

Processing Time[edit]

Please explain processing time taken in obtaining the document/certificate.

Related Videos editRelated Videos[ edit

Videos explaining the process or filling out the forms. Add videos by using tags like <&video type="website">the video's IDwidth|heighton external websites. It is recommended to remove the "and" in the tags at the time of the implementation. Website includes allocine, blip dailymotion gametrailers, facebook, metacafe, googlevideo revver, myspace, sevenload, viddler YouTube, youku width is 560 pixels, height is 340, and the ID for the video is can be obtained by searching the URL of the webpage on which the video is played. e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M".



Please provide instructions on obtaining the certificate/documents. e.g. The state office has birth records as of January 1908.

Required Information editRequired Information [ edit

Information of the applicant

  • Name
  • address
  • National registration number of the national registration
  • Signature

Information of Birth Certificates Required

  • Surname
  • Christian names
  • date of birth
  • National registration number of the national registration
  • Birthplace of the child
  • The location of the baptism
  • Names of parents

The document is needed

Birth certificates are used to verify the identity of the person and their nationality, and assists in obtaining government issued identity documents.

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