How to Obtain a Birth Certificate In Jamaica

Obtain a Birth Certificate In Jamaica By Online

  1. The Registrar General’s Department is responsible for issuing birth certificates to Jamaicans. You can view their Contact Information, location map and branch details via this link: link. Registered births only are eligible for birth certificates.

Registration of Birth

  1. The hospital where the birth occurred is the place for bed-side registration. A Registrar stationed at the hospital collects information from the hospital’s hospital delivery book and physical observation about mothers who gave birth. This information is used to locate and account for all mothers who have given birth and must be registered by a registrar
  2. After the delivery of the child, the assistant or registration officer will visit the Maternity/Labor ward and interview each mother. The information provided by the mother is then compared to the hospital’s birth record.
  3. After verifying the information, the registration officer will record the details of the birth on the registration forms. This includes the following: date and place of birth, doctor or nurse who attended the delivery of the child, as well as the mother’s details and contact numbers for the parents. The informant will be the mother or father who gave birth to the child.
  4. If the parents of the child are not married, the father must sign the A&B registration form. The mother can also sign the form. Within six weeks, the mother and father may complete a Declaration of Paternity form. Your identification documents will be required. Registrations are typically done during visiting hours, when fathers are permitted in the ward.
  5. The Registration Officer will then inform the parents that, if your baby is named in hospital, you will receive one free birth certificate
  6. If you choose to name your child in hospital, please inform the Registration Officer.
  7. After paying the registration fee, the mother will be issued with a Certificate of Registry of Birth. This is proof of registration. The birth entry number is also included on this certificate.
  8. You can now visit any RGD office with your C-reg and request one copy of your child’s birth certificate for free two months after registration. You can request additional copies for a fee.
  9. If the child is not named at the hospital or the name has been changed after registration, the Registration Officer will issue you, the parent/s, a blank Certificate for Naming. The form requires you to fill out the form and return it to the Registration Centre within six week to name the child.
  10. To name your child, complete the Certificate of Naming. Submit it to the Registration Centre within 6 weeks to 1 year. The name will be entered at line 26 on the registration form
  11. After paying a registration fee, the mother will be issued with a Certificate of Registry of Birth. This is proof that you have registered. The birth entry number is also included on this certificate.
  12. To apply for a birth certificate, visit any RGD office. The fee is as per the “Fees” section below.

Birth outside of a Hospital or Birthing Centre Registration

  1. After the birth, the informant must visit the Local District Register (LDR), to register the birth. An informant may be a parent, a person who was present at the birth, occupant of the house where the birth took place, or any adult who knows about the birth. The informant must make a visit to the LDR’s office within six month or within one year of the child’s birth. Late registration applications will be accepted for applications received after one year.
  2. If the parents of the child do not live together, you will need to visit the LDR to add the details of the father at the time of registration and complete the A/B registration.
  3. The LDR officer will then complete the birth registration form and you will need to sign it in the appropriate section.
  4. After completing the registration form, you will need to pay the fee. You will then be issued a Certificate of Registry of Birth. This is proof that you have registered. The birth entry number is also included on this certificate.
  5. The original registration is then sent to the Head Office at the Registrar General’s Department within six weeks.
  6. To obtain a birth certificate for a fee, visit any RGD office

Apply Online

  1. After the birth, you can visit the Registrar General’s Department in your area to register the birth. You will also need the birth entry number.
  2. Online, you can obtain your birth entry number via the RGD online portal. Click this link to fill out the online form.
  3. After you have received your birth entry number, go to the RGD online portal and submit your application for a birth certificate via this link: Link
  4. Please read the information before you proceed to the “Birth Certificate Application Form” If you have the birth registration/entry number, click on the “ APPLY” button to complete the online application form.
  5. To avoid delays, fill out the form correctly and provide all necessary information. Then submit the form for processing
  6. After submitting your application, you will need to pay the appropriate fee based on the number of copies you have requested.
  7. After payment has been made, the RGD will process the application and issue you the birth certificate

Required Documents For Obtain a Birth Certificate

  • Apply complete starting
  • Number of entries
  • Receipt of payment

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Registrar General’s Department, RGDTwickenham Park St. Catherine
Telephone: 876-749-0550
Website: Link
Contact information and location map: Link
Branch details: link

Other Offices
SAVANNA–LA-MAR Regional Office
Address: 7 1/2 Lewis Street
Telephone: 955-9265 / 955-9002
Fax: 918-3522

MONTEGO BAY Regional Office
Address: 22A 1/2 Humber Avenue (Natural Mystic Plaza).
Telephone: 971-8556 – 8
Fax: 940-3836
Marriage Unit: 971-7387

PORT ANTONIO Regional Office
Address: 19 West Palm Ave
Telephone: 715-5226 / 715-5273
Fax: 715-5150

SANTA CRUZ Regional Office
Address: 3 Jewel Close
Telephone: 966-9096 / 966-9970
Fax: 966-3952

MANDEVILLE Regional office
Address: Shop # G12, 24 Hargreaves Avenue
Telephone: 625-1719-21 / 625-2028-9
Fax: 625-1722

ST. ANNS BAY Regional Office
Address: 5 Windsor Road
Telephone: 794-9550-2
Fax: 794-9506

KINGSTON Regional office
Address: 40 Duke Street
Telephone: 922-0010-12 / 922-0014 / 922-0036 / 922-0018
Fax: 922-9156

PORTMORE Regional Office
Address: West Trade Way Big Buy Plaza
Shop# 1-2
Telephone: 619-1260/749-0550

MAY PEN Regional Office
Address: 10-12 Bryants Crescent
May Pen Clarendon
Telephone: 902-2938
Fax: 986-9101


  • A birth certificate can be obtained by all Jamaicans who have been registered for their birth.


Without an entry number

  • First copy: J$ 1750
  • Additional Copy: J$500
  • Two copies: J$ 22250

Entry number

  • First copy: J$ 1500
  • Additional Copy: J$500
  • Two copies: J$ 2000

These fees are not included.

  • J$ 1000 for processing within 7-10 days
  • J$ 2500 for express service within 3-4 days


  • Birth certificate valid for life

Documents for Use

  • Online application form: Link

Processing Time

  • Normal service: 6 weeks
  • Express service: Within 7-10 days, or 3-4 days depending on your application payment


All births must registered

  • Ideal: Within six weeks, and less than one-year
  • Within 14 days, the Chief Resident Officer must notify LDR of the birth.

Requirements Information

  • Correct and full name of the child
  • The date of birth for the child
  • Birth Entry Number
  • The gender of a child’s sex: male or female
  • Place, Parish, and District of Birth
  • Register Mother’s name Father’s name

You will need the document

  • The birth certificate is an important document that identifies the nationality of the holder. It is required for processing many compulsory documents such as passports and Identity cards.

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