How to Obtain a Burial Permit In Israel

Obtain a Burial Permit In Israel By Online

  • For the burial permit for an event that occurred outside of the health facility, the person who is responsible should call one of the medical bureas who are in a position to issue you an official burial permit.
  • After hours of office hours of the health departments, only when you’d like to schedule the funeral of the deceased within the day of death, you must contact Chevra Kadisha burial society. Chevra Kadisha burial society directly to be able to coordinate the issue of a burial permits with the doctor of the health bureau.

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Required Documents For Obtain a Burial Permit

  • Notification of death, signed by the medical staff at the location of death (at the hospital or at home) In 4 copies.
  • Magen David Adom’s account (in the case Magen David Adom was present).
  • Declaration of death form, completed by an ambulance (if an Magen David Adom paramedic was present).
  • The form is called Waiver of Autopsy and must be completed by the police in the event that the victim died at home and the police had to be called (and not in a hospital).
  • Identity card or another official certificate that contains the deceased’s photo.
  • It is suggested to present documents attesting to the deceased’s medical condition, or contact information as well as the name of the physician who treated them.

Office Locations and Contacts

The following link will provide you with information regarding the health bureau, which will help : Health Bureas Contact Information


A burial certificate is provided from the Ministry of Health at no cost.


In the majority of instances, it is the responsibility of the hospital to issue the permit should the death occur within the hospital. If the death wasn’t in the hospital, the burial certificate is available at the Health Bureau.

The document is needed

This guideline will provide you with information on how to get burial permits in Israel.

External Links

Information regarding Burial permit and Notification of Death may be obtained through the following link: Health Bureaus




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