How to Obtain a Business certificate In Uganda

Obtain a Business certificate In Uganda By Yourself

  • Register your company’s name at the Registrar’s Office
  • Make payment of registration fees at the bank
  • Find the necessary documents for incorporation and tax registration at Uganda Bookshop. Uganda Bookshop.
  • Complete the declaration of conformity before the commissioner of oaths.
  • Request a requisition form for bank pay-in slips as well as bank payment advice documents from Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Pay the registration fee at a particular bank.
  • Request registration through the general registrar.
  • Invoice an office in the area of Uganda Revenue Authority , a personal inquiry form for each director as well as an additional preliminary inquiry form. Receive an identification number for tax purposes (TIN).
  • An inspector from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) will visit your premises for business.
  • Apply to be eligible for the Pay-As-You Earn (PAYE).
  • Download application forms to apply to apply for the Trading License.
  • The Licensing Officer arranges for an inspection of the premises of your business and fill the assessment form.
  • Pay your license cost at the branch.
  • Find the trading license
  • Complete a form through your National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
  • Create a seal for your company.

Required Documents For Obtain a Business certificate

The identity document you need to prove your identity, such as driver’s license, passport etc.

  • Physical address proof as well as postal address along with contact numbers.
  • Employment proof

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)P.O BOX 7279
TEL: 0417-442054.
E-mail :

Uganda Registration Services Bureau
5. Plot George Street, Georgian House
P.O.Box Box 6848 Kampala Uganda
URSB General Line: +256 414 233 219
Registrar General: +256 414 235 915
Fax Line for fax: +256 414 250 712.
E-mail :

Company Registrar
Ministry of Justice
Parliamentary Buildings
P.O.Box 7183
Kampala, Uganda


To be qualified for a business certificate, it must be of large or medium-sized, employing no less than 20 employees.


Registration fees: UGX 50,000
Filing Fees: UGX25,000
Filling Form A3 For UGX 20,000
Filing Form 7 for UGX20,000
Filing Form 8 Form 8: UGX 20,000
Filling Form A9 for UGX20,000
The opening office UGX 156,500
Retail business carried out Retail business
Selling wholesale Wholesale business
In order to obtain a trading permit: UGX 400000
Join your National Social Security Fund (NSSF)-free free of charge.
Find an TIN and Register to pay taxes at Uganda Revenue Authority: free of cost


It is in effect up to an time that the business dissolves.

Documents to Utilize

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Form A1 Declaration of Capital Nominal.
  3. Formula A2: Statement of Complying with the requirements of the Companies Act on Application for the registration of a company.
  4. Form A3: Prior to incorporation, shares have not yet paid for and , therefore, they are not allotted. Following incorporation, once the company allocates its shares, its returns must be recorded within 60 days.
  5. Form 7: Specifics of director and the secretary for the business are required to be completed within 14 days after the date of registration.
  6. Form 8. Any changes in the directorship or secretary of the business should be reported to the registrar of companies by filing Resolution as well as Form 8.
  7. Form 9A: Notification of the current status of the Registered address for the business. This form should be submitted to the Registrar of Companies within fourteen days after incorporation.
  8. Formulary for application to the trade license.

Processing Time

It will take about an entire week to complete your documents

The Information You Need

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Identity proof that is valid
  • Citizenship
  • Address
  • Information on banks
  • Financial statement
  • Balance sheet

Documentation is needed

When your clientele for your business begins to increase, it’ll be difficult to secure those lucrative contracts without having a licensed company. Therefore, you must obtain an official business certificate in order to ensure that your business is formal and legally enforceable by law.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Crediting from an institution of finance

  • purchasing raw materials from an experienced supplier
  • conducting business doing business Government of Uganda.

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