How to Obtain a Certificate of Conformity (COC) In Italy

Obtain a Certificate of Conformity (COC) In Italy By Online

Certification is the formal documentation that a certain product or material meets the requirements of the manufacturer. It demonstrates the high quality of the product and also to the manufacturer’s capacity and reliability.

The processes that are applicable to certification include:

  • Manufacturers’ approval

Manufacturers’ approval is a necessary first procedure for certifying for certain materials that have to be subjected to last acceptance testing. Manufacturers’ approval guarantees the quality of the product as well as demonstrates that the manufacturing capability of the company is sufficient to produce using the appropriate manufacturing techniques products that meet the specified specifications and requirements.

  • Type approval

Type approval is the process of confirming an item or group of products system is in compliance with the rules of certifiers. It is required for certain items.

  • Testing

Testing is the last product acceptance procedure that takes place in the facilities of the manufacturer.

Required Documents For Obtain a Certificate of Conformity

  • of Conformity of Conformity
  • Certificates of Authorization given on behalf of third parties to the company (ISO, API, ASME, NEC, NEMA, ASTM, National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspectors etc. ) in the event that they are certified as a manufacturer by one of the organizations mentioned above.
  • Technical documentation consists of:
    • Drawn (assembly drawing(s) when it is a one unit general arrangement for the whole system in case of multiple components, the principal electric drawing(s)).
    • Parameters and technical information.
    • A list of the most important components as well as a the list of spare components.
    • Repair, operation, and installation manuals.
  • Test reports and protocols for every unit in its entirety.

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  • The Certificate of Conformity is given to products that meet the minimum set of regulations standards, technical and safety specifications.
  • In general, the approval of a type is needed before an item can sell in a specific country, therefore the requirements for a specific product may differ across the globe.


To be approved as a type the products can be taken to a testing facility, or the manufacturer may choose to own the testing apparatus themselves. However, EU automobiles still must be certified according to the same set of rules by a official of the state member. The same system was implemented for type approvals of three-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, and was in effect from January 1, 1994.

The Information You Need

This document provides information on the products and their manufacturers identification, the type approbation number, specification for technology, and other information.

Documentation is needed

  • An COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a formal declaration of conformity to Type Approval of EC.
  • The goal for this policy document is guarantee the freedom of movement of products throughout the European Union, specifically for those products that are required to be homologated and registered.

Information that can be useful

The COC’s content is defined in EU Regulation (Amendment IX Regulation 92/53). Vehicles that do not meet the EU specifications (e.g. vehicle made specifically for markets in U.S. or Japanese market) and vehicles older than that, which are not yet granted the approval for type by the EC at the moment, don’t have a COC in place. It is also impossible for a COC to be issued to modified vehicles. COCs are only available for motorcycles, passenger vehicles and tractor.

Other uses for the document/certificate

This document is aimed at ensuring the mobility of vehicles throughout the European Union, specifically for the vehicles required to be homologated and registered. Cars that have an EU type approval are able to be sold anywhere within the European Community. So, a vehicle requires the approval of type within one EU country to be recognized in the other EU member states.

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  • Certificates of Conformity are established within EUs Single Internal Market and Type Approval Directive (EC-92). EUs one internal market was made officially on January 1st, 1993.
  • A key component of the EC-92 initiative was to eliminate any technical barriers that would hinder freedom of movement for goods in the EU market. The most significant effect of this initiative is in the field of automotive standards. sector. It is believed that the EU Commission is seeking to bring together the automotive, technical and environmental standards of all members. EU law defines the standards in the fields of noise as well as particle emissions, and safety. Furthermore, the EU’s guidelines regarding the Type Approval (EU Directive 92/53) of the Council Directive 92/53) removes the requirement to have national requirements for approval of type by establishing a set of regulations for vehicles and their components across the EU.




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