How to Obtain a Certificate of inspection for Fish Storage and Transport In Uganda

Obtain a Certificate of inspection for Fish Storage and Transport In Uganda By Online

  1. An inspection certificate for the storage of fish and transportation can be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries.
    • Any vessel or vehicle that transport fish or other fishery products must be approved and issued the certificate of inspection and approval from a competent authority.
  2. Complete your application and attach the conditions required as described in the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries. The conditions are as follows:
    • Fish and fish products should be stored and transported be stored at the specified temperatures in the regulations.
    • Fish and fish products that are frozen should be stored at temperatures of – 18°C or less throughout the product.
    • Fresh goods should be stored at a temperature where it is melt ice (0 +/- 2 degC).
    • The vehicles used for transportation of fish and other fish products must be designed and equipped in so that the temperatures that are specified over are maintained during the time of transport.
    • must be equipped with drainage to ensure that the water from melted ice does remain in contact with fish or products of fish when it serves to cool fish or other fish products.
    • All vehicles used in the transportation of fish or products from fish should be in good repair to ensure quick and secure delivery.
  3. Once you have completed the form, follow up with the payment of the fee prescribed by the Authority.
  4. Complete the dully filled-in form, along with your payment slips to Fish Inspection officer who is in charge of the department.
  5. Find your certification from where the application was made within 3 days of the date your application was received by the Fisheries Department in case there is no rejection.
  6. It is a crime to transport products from fish in a container or vehicle that is not cleaned and disinfected, or is not in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the regulations of the ordinance.

Required Documents For Obtain a Certificate of inspection for Fish Storage and Transport

  • Application form completed for certification of inspection for storage and transportation of fish.
  • The Directors/owners/Nation’s owners Identification card
  • Other documents that show the director or owner
  • Certificate of incorporation for the company as well as director’s names

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries(MAAIF)Directorate of Fisheries
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources
Lugard Avenue Entebbe
P.O. Box 102 Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 320 006
Mail Address:
Site: Ministry of Agriculture


The applicant who is eligible must be operating the vehicle/boat exclusively to transport fish or products from the fishery.


Certificate cost (in dollars): 500,000 Ugshs


Valid for one year

Processing Time

Processing time is 3 days.

The Information You Need

  • Name of vehicle/Vessel
  • Registration number
  • Name of the Captain’s/Driver’s name
  • Contacts for local and permanent
  • Crew members
  • Description of the vessel
  • Description of the Vehicle
  • Signature and declaration

Information that can be useful

  • Cleaning of cars, and particularly those inside fish tanks should be done using potable or clean water.
  • Loading and unloading facilities must be constructed from materials that are easy to wash, disinfect and kept in good maintenance and cleanliness. Loading and unloading operations should take place quickly when the engine of the vehicle is shut off.
  • Fish and fish-related products should be stored without delay in a safe environment , at the temperature that is required by what the item is made of
  • Techniques and equipment used in handling that could cause harm to edible components of fish or fish products should be avoided.
  • All vehicles that are used for transport of fish and other products from fish should be in good repair to ensure quick and secure delivery.

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