How to Obtain a Certificate of Permanent Residence In Uganda

Obtain a Certificate of Permanent Residence In Uganda By Online

  1. The applicant who is seeking the certificate of permanent residency must be registered with the Directorate of Citizenship and migration.
  2. The applicant must complete the application and attach supporting documents that show 10 (10) years legally valid and continuous residence that will permit the person to remain in Uganda for the time that is stated within the document.
  3. Complete the application form and send the documents attached to the official at the directorate of citizenship and immigration.
  4. The directorate of immigration and citizenship will examine the application and verify that the applicant
    • has played a role in the intellectual or socioeconomic development has contributed to the socioeconomic or intellectual development Uganda;
    • Has been legally living in Uganda for ten years.
    • is good in character and has an exemplary integrity;
    • has not fallen behind in the payment of taxes that must be paid by him or her.
    • There are no criminal antecedents within Uganda or outside of Uganda or outside Uganda; and (in in addition to all of the above)is not a bankrupt , or poor; or
    • The person has been legally married an Ugandan citizen, and there is an ongoing marriage for three years or any other time period as is required.
  5. When the Board is pleased with the required documents and documentation the board may issue a certificate of permanent residency may be granted to the person who applied who will be able to stay in Uganda for the time that is stated within the certification.

Required Documents For Obtain a Certificate of Permanent Residence

  • 3 passport size photos
  • A copy of the passport
  • Copy of spouse
  • Letter of cover
  • Fill form
  • LC1 recommendation letter
  • Copy of marriage certificate ( at least 3 years old )
  • Medical report
  • Evidence of ownership of property ( if there is any )
  • Letter of cover from applicant
  • Proof of contribution to socio-economic/intellectual development of Uganda

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control Office Head Office
Head Office, Plot 75 Jinja Road
P. O. Box 7165/7191 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 595945
Contact Email: Email this Agency


  • Every Uganda citizen who gains the citizenship of another nation is eligible upon application for the issuance of the certificate of permanent residency
  • Any foreigner legally married to an Ugandan citizen and has an ongoing marriage that lasts for three years or any other time frame as is stipulated or is in Uganda illegally, in the following circumstances:
  1. The regulations in Uganda law require personal presence of foreigners before an Ugandan public authority.
  2. an exceptional personal circumstance of a foreigner that requires stay in Uganda. Republic of Uganda;
  3. If it is necessary for the interests of the Republic of Uganda;


  • Application Fees: Null
  • License Fee 500 USD


Validity Time: One-off

Examples of Documents

Applicant’s Name:
State, Country:
Secretary National Citizenship & immigration Board
Ministry of Internal Affairs

Subject: Application for a Certificate of Residence
Dear Sir,

It is said that I’ve been living at the address mentioned above within Uganda since (Month and the year) as a housewife. My husband (name that of his spouse) with an Uganda ID number (number) is recognized as a citizen of this prestigious nation since (Month and year). My time here is not a temporary one as my spouse is the owner of his company and our children have always been involved in their studies in Uganda.
I would like you to grant me an official certificate of residence in place of my current residence. It would be a privilege to be acknowledged as a citizen within Uganda. Republic of Uganda.
In addition, the document list that must be submitted in the application form are as follows:
  1. Passport Bio Data Page
  2. Interpol Police report from Interpol
  3. Certificate of Marriage Certificate
  4. Passport Bio Data Page of my Ugandan Spouse
  5. LC1 Recommendation Letter
  6. Medical Report
  7. Photograph
  8. Consent of Ugandan Spouse
We thank you in anticipation

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Month


Purpose of the certificate is to provide legal residence and employment/investment in Uganda.

Information that can be useful

  • The board is able to cancel any permanent residence certificate granted, if it can be established that the owner of the certificate was married of convenience with the sole goal of obtaining an official certification of residence.
  • The board is able to suspend any certificate granted under this section if it is found that
  1. The person who holds the certificate has not abided by the conditions of the permanent residence certificate;
  2. the person who is the holder of the certificate is in violation of one of the provisions in the Act;
  3. The person has become an illegal immigrant
  4. the person is now an unwelcome immigrant.

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