How to Obtain a Character Certificate In India

Obtain a Character Certificate In India By Yourself

  • The Character Certificate is a Character Certificate is an official document issued by the departmental authorities that state whether an individual has previously recorded convictions against them.

Apply in-person

  • The applicant must fill out the prescribed application form, along with required documents to the local police station.
  • Go to the appropriate office.
  • The applicant must obtain the application form from the appropriate office (please make payment for it, if needed) A written application in plain A4 paper according to the instructions should be utilized.
  • Send in the completed application with all required documents.
  • The authorities after reviewing the submitted documents and the application made will record the data and will provide you with a the record number to refer to.
  • The application will be processed internally. The appropriate authorities will conduct the verification on the ground in the residence area of the applicant, followed by a thorough examination of the documents and information supplied to the application.
  • After the verification has been completed after which the official will present their report to the relevant authority for a decision and then give the certificate to the person applying.
  • The applicant will be issued the document as per the notification date after the due verification.


  • In certain states, the applicant must apply for services over the counter such as CSC centres/e-seva to apply.
  • In certain states, applicants must apply through the department’s online portal.
  • Find contact information and an application form on the respective state portals by clicking the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Obtain a Character Certificate

  • Application form.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Court stamp as per requirement
  • Birth certificate
  • Six month old or applicable period copy of Residence Proof (Voter card, Ration Card, Telephone/Electricity/Water Bill, Passport, Insurance Policy, Aadhaar Card)
  • Passport (as per requirement)
  • Identity Documentation (Voter ID or Aadhar card)
  • Ration Card
  • Affidavit.
  • Self Declaration. (Affidavit to show that you are YOU)
  • Bonafide Certificate from the school
  • Photograph size Passport (as appropriate)
  • School Leaver Certificate.


  • If the above documents need required to be accompanied by a report of the relevant authorities Please provide the information as needed.
  • All originals and copies of the original along with self-attestation according to the directions of the the respective authorities to be provided according to the requirements.
  • In addition to the documents above, authorities could request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home AffairsNorth Block, New Delhi – 110001,
Telephone No. 23092392
Contact Info Link Contact Details


Anyone can use this service for any citizen.


  • Rs.50
  • Authorities will give fee information.
  • In the online payment process, details of the fee will be shown (If applicable)


The validity of the certificate of character is 6 months or the time indicated on the certificate.

Examples of Documents


I, the undersigned ______________________________________________, Indian National, Single / Married / Widow / Widower / Divorcee, major in age/_________ years, resident Of __________________________________________________________________________________________ in Taluka ______________________, (District name), (State name) do hereby solemnly affirm and state/declare as under:
1. I declare that I am a permanent resident of the above address.
2. I claim that there isn’t any criminal complaint filed with any police authority or criminal case pending before a tribunal in the State of (State name) or in India against me.
3. I say that my name is recorded in our family ration card bearing No._______________________________________.
4. I claim that I have a moral character.
5. I say that I am executing this declaration in order to produce the same in the respective office of _______________ Taluka, ________________ (State name) in order to apply for Character Certificate which is required to produce before Competent Authority for the purpose of ______________________________________________.
6. I declare that the statements of the above paragraphs in my statement are correct to the greatest that I know and believe. I also declare the fact that I did not falsify any factual information.
The following members of the family were completely dependent on him.

Location :
Determined by the DEPONENT

The Document is required

  • A Character Certificate outlines your moral character or behavior.
  • In India candidates applying for government or private jobs must show a an identity certificate.
  • This certificate proves that the candidate has not been associated with any criminal matter in the past.

Information that could be helpful

  • Never provide fraudulent certification of information to obtain this certificate. It could result in a penalty.
  • Always verify your spelling when filling out the necessary documents like a passport or driving license,.



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