How To Obtain a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) In China

How To Obtain a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) In China

The description gives the steps to achieve CCC marks conformity

How To Obtain a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) In China
How To Obtain a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) In China

  • Find out if your products require CCC Marking
    • The first step is to look through CNCA’s product catalog and decide if your items, or the component elements within your finished products, require CCC marking.
  • Find the regulations for implementation
    • CNCA has released the 47th edition of “Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification.” The guides provide precise specifications for the technical aspects of each product category.
  • Think about your options for applying
    • Some businesses employ consultants or agents to manage the CCC application for marks. Others do it on their own or rely on distributors or importers.

Apply In Online

There are five main phases that are required in the CCC mark application procedure.

  • Application and accompanying materials, such as the user’s guide, CB reports, EMC reports, regulatory labels , and other documents.
  • Type Testing. A test lab that is certified by CNCA located in China will test the samples of products.
  • Factory Inspection. CQC will have representatives visit the manufacturing facilities that produce your product. They will visit each factory that manufactures products for you (e.g. If your business produces Product Z in five separate factories, and all of them deliver the products to China You will have to conduct five different manufacturing inspections).
  • Evaluation of the results of certification, and acceptance (or failing or the need for retesting).
  • Following-up Inspection of the factory. The manufacturing facilities used for this product are examined with Chinese authorities every 12-18 month.

Documents Required Obtain a China Compulsory Certificate

  • Authorization letter or application form
  • CB certification (or CB test report, which covers applicable Chinese National Deviations (rated voltage 220V 10 percent)
  • Product description
  • A declaration of conformity that complies with the relevant GB Standards
  • Business license for the applicant manufacturer, factory, or applicant and registration of trademark
  • Circuit diagrams or system block diagrams
  • Photos of the product The product photos are: a. front and back, the back. rear and rear. internal, internal. nameplate and nameplate. the isolation elements between the primary circuits as well as secondary circuits
  • A list of the most important materials or components (including EMC and safety). EMC)
  • User’s manual (Chinese)
  • Label for rating (Chinese) and warning labels (Chinese) (If there is any)
  • A description of the distinction between the various models or kinds of products used in the same application
  • CCC certifications for components and accessories (e.g. external adapter/detachable power cord/plug/connector)
  • Questionnaire to be used for the first factory inspections in the event of a non-audited factory.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and QuarantineNo. 9 Madian East Road
Haidian District
People’s Republic of China

China Certification Corporation
Chicago offices: (773) 654-2673
Anaheim Office: (714) 312-5966

Kaiserstr. 65 D-60329 Frankfurt, Germany

United Kingdom:
Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5RS,
United Kingdom
+44 2071931135

What Are All The Eligibility

  • In accordance with Chinese laws and the Regulation for Compulsory Product Certification, the Compulsory Certification System is used to products that affect the health of humans and plants, animals as well as environmental protection and security of the national. All products covered by this Catalogue must obtain the CCC mark prior to it being able to be sold, imported or used for commercial purpose in China.
  • CCC Mark is required for products that are in the 23 groups. CCC Mark is required for products that fall into 23 groups and that are divided into total 132 product categories. Most recent CCC Mandatory List of Categories for Products:
  1. Electrical cables and wires
  2. Circuits switches Installation protective, connection and switch devices
  3. Low-voltage electrical equipment
  4. Small motors that power the vehicle
  5. Electric tools powered by power
  6. Welding equipment
  7. Electrical appliances for household use and others
  8. Video and audio equipment (not comprising the acoustics apparatus used for broadcasting and cars)
  9. Equipment for information technology
  10. Lighting apparatus (not comprising the lighting apparatus that has a voltage less than 36V)
  11. Equipment for telecommunications terminals
  12. Safety and motor vehicles
  13. Tires for motor vehicles
  14. Safety glasses
  15. Agriculture machinery
  16. Products made of latex
  17. Medical devices that are electronic or comprise an electronic components
  18. Fire Protection/ fighting equipment
  19. Alarm systems for intruder detection
  20. Wireless LAN Products
  21. Refurbishing and decoration products
  22. Toys
  23. Information Security Products
  • The items in the catalog above require the CCC license and also impose CCC before they can be introduced to China. Chinese market.
    These broad categories can be broken down into 132 different product categories

Examples of Documents

Catalogue for CCC Certification
CCC Certificate Example


  • The CCC safety certification requirement of China’s government China demands that manufacturers get CCC certification. China Compulsory Certification (CCC) mark prior to exporting to or selling products listed by the CCC catalog on China. China market.
  • The system, which was introduced on May 1st 2002, and made effective on May 1st 2003, has a significant impact on many exporters across a variety of manufacturing industries.
  • Products that do not meet CCC specifications could be seized on the borders through Chinese Customs and will be at risk of being subject to additional penalties.

The Information You Need

  • Application
  • CB certification
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Product description
  • Material or key components
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Business licenses are required for applicants.

Documentation is needed

  • The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) Mark is the official quality and safety certification that is recognized in China. It is the most commonly used quality assessment mark used in China. If a particular product is featured within the catalog, it might not be imported, marketed or offered for sale in China with no mark. If the product is not within the catalog, different kinds of conformity assessments may be required to ensure acceptance in the market.
  • The law was implemented in May 1st, 2002, and fully effective from August 1st 2003 (OBS The deadline started on 1 May 2003, and then extended until August 1st in 2003) The CCC Mark- China Compulsory Certification mark (as illustrated in the above image) is required for a variety of products manufactured prior to they are sold or exported to China. Peoples Republic of China market.

Information that can be useful

To get a deeper understanding of the particular requirements for your product, it’s important to know the Chinese National Standards, also called GB Standards, apply. This CCC system is built upon GB Standards. The majority of GB standards are harmonised to International Standards but be sensitive to the occurrence of Chinese deviations.

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General Administration of Quality Supervisory Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ)


  • AQSIQ manages the CCC system as the sole official administrator. Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC System). AQSIQ is the official spokesperson for the CCC catalog of products and relevant rules and regulations, however they have appointed CNCA to manage the system.
  • CNCA creates the list of items (the catalogue) to be added to the CCC system. In the event that a specific product appears listed on the list, the product could not be sold, imported or even sold outside of China without the trademark. If the product is not included on the catalog different kinds of conformity assessment could be required for market acceptance.
  • CNCA has designated several certified Certification bodies (DCBs) as well as test labs (DTL) and inspectors (DIB) for the purpose of performing compulsory certifications to obtain CCC Mark. CCC Mark.
  • CQC CQC Chinas Certification of Quality Center is the most prestigious accreditation body for China. CQC is certified with CNAS (China National Accreditation Services for the Conformity Assessment) and regulated by CNCA and administers CCC Marks for 23 categories of products. CCC Mark for 23 product categories. CQC



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