How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Certificate In Armenia

How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Certificate In Armenia

In order to obtain a duplicate of the document or certificate person applying is required to submit an application with an identity document.

If a duplicate birth certificate is required by a Civilian Local or Regional authority to make an application to the person who is authorized to apply and in addition, the above documents , they must be presented by the applicant Civilian local department in the name of a notary, or an notary-certified power of attorney based on the person who is entitled to the identification allowing.

To receive birth certificate or replica copy of the Birth certificate , or certificates seeking set of documents may also be submitted via mail.

Stateless or foreign nationals are also covered by the Armenian passports, and they are notarized and recognized by international conventions for the translator.

If the application is submitted by mail, it should be noted as duplicate license or certificate or e-mail address in the case of insufficient documents, must be notified to the applicant. The application should be made via mail for it to be certified by notary signature (or) any international agreements that govern the procedure.

Birth Certificate or a copy the birth certificate, certification or duplicate certificate sought by the request, and at the applicant’s own cost, will be sent through certified mail only provided that the person applying for it has made a note on his application that it is.

Birth Certificate or a copy the certificate the duplicate certificate or certificate seeker receives by certified mail, along with the certificate or certificate which relates to the person who is seeking it.

Postal communications are paid by the person applying in exchange for license references or a copies of the current rates, or in foreign countries, and Armenia’s postal tariffs in line with this.

Documents that are required Copy of Birth Certificate 

These documents have been sent by the Ministry of Justice:

  • announcement.
  • The applicant (if an applicant has made an application for) an identity document.
  • seeking Civilian Department issued a certificate of residence, a deficiency to Marriage Act, and if the marriage was previously dissolved and it should be accompanied by a copy of the certificate attesting to the ending in the union.
  • If the application is made from a person authorized to sign a notary or authorized power of attorney, and approved by the individual’s identity document.

If the reference’s marital status is used is required to be filed through the parent of applicant then he is

  • announcement.
  • The identification document.
  • Identity document for the seeker Birth certificates copies.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice cases (Addresses and communication methods)

How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Certificate In Armenia
How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Certificate In Armenia

Registry Offices for Civil Acts (Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Armenia)

Armenian Embassy


Embassy of foreign States located in Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

This is issued by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

A reference country from another foreign nation (authorized person or parent) may apply for a certification that allows them to apply as a candidate for State of Armenia’s consular establishment (the consulate).

It can be obtained through:

  • The person who is the subject of the records are made under is a subject of the Civil Status Act.
  • Legal representatives, parents or the custody and guardianship representative when the record of the person was recorded as a result of a civil act was not able to acquire an official copy of the document.
  • A third party, if the acts in civil status, must be registered with a certificate issued by the person who is entitled to receive a copy of the certificate that has been notarized or signed by a person authorised to execute notarial deeds.
  • Children aged 16-18 years old are eligible to receive birth certificates in the form of copies in accordance with their application if they have ID documents.


The cost is AMD 1000.

A minimum of one working day’s notice is required to provide an additional pay cost, in the amount of 10,000 and two days for delivery of an amount greater than 7000 AMD.

Documents to Utilize

Application Formulas

Processing Time

It is granted from the Ministry of Justice after submitting the above-mentioned documents five days: The time can be reduced to the cost of the budget of the Justice Ministry in exchange for a further payment of up to a day.


Birth certificates are an official record of the birth that occurred in Armenia. It is a document issued by the government that is used to prove identity.

Birth certificates can be issued through the Ministry’s Civic Status Registration Department (also called ZAGS) which has authority over the area in which the person lives or was born.

Requirements Information

  • Your name, first and last along with your address for mailing and the number of your cell phone
  • Information about the person who is in the certificate of birth:
    • First, middle and last name, birth date, when birth took place, the gender, and the city of birth
    • Names that have been legal for the person listed on the birth certificate (if the case is applicable)
    • Parents ‘ information, including the mother’s maiden name

The Document is required Copy of Birth Certificate 

The Birth Certificate can be described as an official replica of the birth record and is frequently used to establish the identity of a person.

It is issued by the government of the province or territory and serves as a proof of identity to obtain other important personal documents.

Check that the copies of documents you’ve printed or scanned have clarity and are easy to be read.

Certificates are issued through the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages by registered mail. They cannot be picked up in a centre for service.

Information that can be useful

A person who is presenting documents from another country to prove relationship or evidence of legal interest must present attested copies of documents. Photoscopies are not acceptable. The applicant is also required to provide certified translations of all documents.

Other uses of the document/certificate

To be enrolled in schools or military and to apply for the passport you need; an drivers license or marriage license if your possess a passport; or to apply for private and government benefits (such as retirement and insurance benefits). Also, you need to have your child’s birth certificate to prove their age to sign them up for the elementary high school, and Little League.

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The birth certificate, or certified copy of the authentic birth certificate are becoming more crucial as a valid type of identification.

Birth certificates as well as other vital records for personal use cannot be obtained through the location where the original documents were kept. The majority of municipalities have a central place where birth certificates and other vital records may be purchased.


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