How to Obtain a Death Certificate In Italy

Obtain a Death Certificate In Italy By Online

  • Find information about the city in which the event took place and also the province it is located in.
  • The envelope should be addressed to the Ufficio diello Stato Civile of the city or town. The envelope must contain all postal codes.
  • Include a note in the envelope that states why you’re seeking essential documents. The letter must contain the complete name of the person and the parents of that person, and the date and location of the occasion.
  • Make sure you sign the letter and attach an addressed envelope that is self addressed. Make sure you check ahead of time the cost of processing fee in the city you reside in.

Required Documents For Obtain a Death Certificate

  • Identification documents
  • Reasons for obtaining the certificate
  • Receipt

Office Locations and Contacts

Office Acts of DeathVia della Consolata, 23 – first floor
Hours: Monday through Thursday, from 8.15 am until 15.00 hours on Fridays from 8:15-13:50
Wednesday: 8:30-12:30 with entry via Via Giulio, 22
Phone: 011/4425290 – 4425353-4425472

Municipality of Savona

Venice Municipality

Marital Status and Register


There are trustworthy agencies who can provide crucial documents from Italy for a small fee. It is also possible to request the exact details by post. the registrar who handles vital stats, or Ufficio di Stato civile, stores these documents in city offices. If you can, make the request in Italian for a quicker response.


The death certificate is not valid. It has no expiration date.

Documents to Utilize

Death Certificate, fill in the form below: Certificato di Morte(PDF, 48kb)


The most important point to keep in mind about the family history records from Italy is that they are stored in the local (Comune) level and duplicate copies of the records being stored in the State Archive (Ufficio dello Stato Civile) of each province, which is located in the capital of the province.

The Information You Need

  • Full name as of the time of death of the deceased
  • Birth date and location If they are available
  • Date and place of the death

Documentation is needed

It is the document attesting to that a person on a specific day. The death certificate is a form of document issued by the authority in charge specifically that of the Registry of Vital Records at the place of the residence. The death certificate states the date, location and the cause of the death of a person, which is recorded in the official registry of deaths. To obtain an official death certificate the appropriate authority needs copies of the deceased’s personal identification card, as well as a tax code.

Information that can be useful

According to Italian law, the records of marriages, births, and deaths are kept through the Registrar of Vital Statistics (Ufficio of the Stato C ivile) within the local city ( comune or municipio) in which the event took place. There isn’t a central provincial, regional, or central office that is able to keep these documents. In order to apply to receive one of the certificates applicants must provide all the relevant details. It is the office that registers can’t do extensive searches of its archives to find records that are not adequately identified, and cannot translate requests into a foreign language. Requests written in Italian generally yields quicker results.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A death certificate is an extremely important document that is needed in many situations e.g. succession, inheritance, future marriages e.t.c.

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If a document needs to be used to be presented as evidence before any court or other similar body and is authenticated by the relevant Italian authorities.




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