How to Obtain a Death Certificate In Macau

Obtain a Death Certificate In Macau By Online

  1. You can make a request for the Death certificate on your own, or you can ask your attorney to file the process on your behalf by giving a power of attorneys. If your lawyer is able to apply at the Conservatory in person, he can sign your power of attorney creating an agent to submit the request.
  2. Applications are made at the Civil Registry Office. The applicants can also apply in the Macao SAR Services Center.
  3. If you are not able to prove your kinship to the deceased (spouse or children, parents siblings) or the guardian, you must complete an application form at time of your request.
  4. Be sure to pay all applicable fees.

If you’re outside Macau

The applicant can also apply via mail in the event that the applicant is not a resident of Macao.

  1. Send an application along with a photocopy of your particular identification document or provide the identity details and a review of the application to the Civil Registry of Macao.
  2. Make your application and the pay by check to Rua Do Campo 162, Edf. Public Administration, 13th Floor, Macao (cost varies according to the sheets of the certificate. Therefore, the Conservatory asks applicants to look up the stamp duty and fee tables prior to making the application).
  3. Costs Amount payable for stamp duty, plus the cost of postage, which is MOP 30.00 and the amount that is charged by the bank to pay of checks that are issued overseas MOP 40.00 If the check is issued in HKD or MOP 200.00 If the check is the check is in USD.
  4. It could take up to one month to get the certificate you have requested.

Required Documents For Obtain a Death Certificate

  • Original of the applicant’s identity document; photocopy or original of the identification document of the deceased and death certificate, or other information that identifies the deceased.
  • Lawyers of Macao must produce an original identity document along with the original or photocopy the identification document of the deceased or authority granted by the attorney-contained power to the other party and should also be accompanied by the original identification document for the prosecutor.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate for Justice Services

AddressRua do Campo, No. 162,
Public Administration Building, 15th to 20th floors, Macau.
Telephone: 28564225,28595298
Fax: 28710445,28713109

Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao, n.o 398,
Edf. CNAC 6th and 21st floors. Macau.
Telephone: 28750815
Fax: 28750814

Civil Registry Office
Rua do Campo, No. 162,
Public Administration Building, 1st and 2nd floors, Macau.
Telephone: 28550110

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region
No. 992, Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues,
Macao SAR, PRC
Tel: (00853)87915106/87915126
Fax: (00853)87915102


Applicant must be 18 or older.


  • Certificate of Narrative (computer printing) or full copy of certificate (photocopy) MOP 65.00 (50.00 Emoluments and 15.00 tax on stamps, plus to each additional sheet, 5.00 stamp duty).
  • A certificate of full copy in the event that it is not taken through photocopying (typewritten version) MOP 115.00 (100.00 Emoluments and 15.00 stamp duty ), plus the amount for each

Processing Time

  • Narrative certificate is issued if the information was stored on the computer and verified You can get your certificate within an hour of receiving the request. (Except at Macao SAR Service Center). Macao SAR Service Center).
  • Full copy certificate: must be submitted within two working days of the day next day following receipt of the application together with all required documents.
  • A full copy of the certificate in cases where it is not taken through photographing (typewritten version) It has to be submitted within three days of the day of work following acceptance of the application along with all required documents.
  • Requests made via post Take about one month to get the certificate you have requested.


The applicant should show up on the spot at either the Civil Registry Office or the MSAR Service Center, specify the reason for which the certificate is required.

The applicant could apply via mail in the event that the applicant does have a residence outside Macao.

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