How to Obtain a Divorce Certificate In Italy

Obtain a Divorce Certificate In Italy By Online

  • Petition to dissolve or divorce an existing marriage must be submitted to the courts of the state in which the person who is filing for the divorce resides. If the marital partners reside outside of Italy the petitioner is able to seek divorce at the court of any Republic of Italy court. For the divorce to be initiated the couple must receive a separation order issued by the tribunal. Couples seeking divorce have to apply for an order of separation. Couples are advised to consult with an attorney prior to initiating divorce process.
  • In Italy divorce is a two-step process. First, the couple has to be legally separated (passing through a judge’s initial decision) and, within three years after a separation, they can apply for divorce (which requires an appeal to a judge). So, each couple must wait for at minimum 4 years before they are able to legally get married again.
  • This slow process has evidently, negatives, but one of the greatest positives is the fact that Italy is an extremely secure system. Italian system is extremely secure in protecting individuals’ rights. less able (very often, it is women) which is the reason, many divorce cases in international jurisdictions are resolved in Italy.

Required Documents For Obtain a Divorce Certificate

  • Petition for divorce
  • The evidence to back it up
  • The marriage certificate must be in its entirety. certificate
  • You have family member who is minor child – copies of truncated copies
  • Birth certificates of children who are not yet minors
  • A copy of the petition together with attachment copies (Except for acts that are of civil legal).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministero della giustizia (Ministry of Justice)

Choose the area to find the provinces. Then choose the province to get the list of courts

Uffici della provincia di ROMA


The possibility of divorce has been available in Italy since the year 1970. You are able to divorce in Italy in the event that your wedding occurred in Italy or if one member of a two couples is Italian or a resident of Italy.


  • In Italy the selection of divorce laws is determined by the article 31 of law 218/95. This law stipulates that in the event that the spouses are of different nationalities the divorce process is governed by the law of the state where the couple resided for the majority of their time prior to the divorce.
  • To obtain the Divorce Certificate to obtain one, you need to get them from the courthouse where the case was filed.
  • If you’re unable to be present on your own, then you can have a representative be present on your behalf, or send a letter to the court’s office.
  • You might want to call the court’s office ahead of time to inquire about any procedures that must be followed in order to obtain documents.
  • The divorce form you get from the Court is a legal and authentic document of divorce.

Requirements Information

  • Names of spouses and husbands.
  • The date on which the divorce was finalized.
  • The county where the divorce was filed.
  • The wedding venue.
  • The amount of children.

The Document is required

  • A Divorce Certificate is evidence that you are legally divorced. The most frequent reason the Divorce Certificate is required would be to get an Marriage Licence.
  • While Italy is a majorly Catholic country divorce law is in place and can occur. However it has specific requirements for couples to be able to meet before divorce can be accepted and acknowledged.

Information that can be useful

Like Italian couples when one of the spouses are Italian while the other spouse been divorced in a foreign country to get the divorce in another country recognized within Italy (and legally be legally married to someone else) the divorce decision must be registered with Italy’s Ufficio di Stato Civile (Italian civil records office).

Other uses for the document/certificate

It is a necessary documents when someone plans to marry and again.

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In the absence of divorce by consent divorce is a complex issue in Italy and should not be considered when it is possible to do it outside of Italy, and this is the case when one member of the couple isn’t Italian or we were married in another country. If there are two non-Italian partners or there is only one person who is Italian the law of another country may prevail over Italian law. Couples who divorce by consent has to wait for three years before being divorced. However, couples who do not consent to divorce must wait for five years after an investigation has found fault.




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