How to Obtain a Dredging License In Uganda

Obtain a Dredging License In Uganda By Online

  1. To get an Dredging License in Uganda the applicant must get in touch with for assistance with the Directorate of Water Resources Management, Ministry of Water and Environment.
  2. A request is sent to the Executive Director of the Directorate of Water resources Management using Form UIA 1 (obtainable at the Ministry of Water and Environment).
  3. It is accessible for costs of Shs.10 1,000 with no processing charge.
  4. When the application has been successfully completed and the Directorate is satisfied with the application and the submitted documents, and approved by the Directorate, the Dredge licence will then be issued.
  5. Contact information following the contact can be used for:
    Ministry of Water and Environment
    Directorate of Water Resources Management,
    Physical address: Plot 12 Mpigi Road, Entebbe
    The postal address is: P.O. Box 19 Entebbe.

Required Documents For Obtain a Dredging License

  • The application has been approved or not approved.
  • There are reasons to not approve.
  • Name of the Licensing Officer Authorized to Issue Signature Date
  • Original to Licensee
  • A duplicate (to Commissioner Water Sanitation and Resource) OFFICIAL STAMP
  • Triplicate (to be kept within the text)
  • Lifesaving equipment (State the equipment you use)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and EnvironmentDirectorate of Water Resources Management,
Phone: +256 – 414 – 699486
Physical Address Lot 12 Mpigi Road, Entebbe
The address for postal delivery is P.O. Box 19 Entebbe
Jurisdiction: National
Email Address: or
Site: Ministry of water and environment

Operating hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (excluding the public holiday weekend and weekends)


  • It is illegal to dredge in any river within Uganda.
  • Dredger (River) must be aged 18 or over.
  • Has a reason to require security when the dredging
  • Work permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


  • Application Form 10,000
  • Fees for licences: As stated in the form for application.


Valid for one year

Processing Time

Maximum processing time of 9 days.


  • Anyone who dredges in a river that is not licensed or with having a license or not in accordance with the conditions of the license, commits an offence and could be subject upon conviction to a fine of not more than the sum of one hundred five hundred dollars each day that the offense persists.
  • Someone who does something in violation of a rule which is mentioned on the Licence in the context of which the person is dredged commits an offence and is liable for an amount not exceeding three points of currency.
  • One cannot drag a river unless they have an official licence obtained from the minister.
  • The Licence must be issued on any of the formats laid by the second Schedule.

The Information You Need

  • Owner’s full name
  • Age and sexual sex
  • Nationality
  • Name of the river to the river to which this Dredge Act is applicable
  • Application’s purpose
  • Company name
  • Attach the letter of recommendation
  • Attach photocopy and an original copy of your identification

Information that can be useful

The Dredging Act is not clear on the reason of requiring security to dredging , nor is the price stipulated.

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