How to Obtain a Driving License In Oman

Obtain a Driving License In Oman By Online

1.) Fill out this application form.

2.) Send the form along with the necessary documents.

3.) The following tests need to be passed prior to the issuance to the licensee:

  • Eye Test for Vision
  • Test of Traffic Signs
  • Drum test
  • Slope test
  • Road test

Required Documents For Obtain a Driving License

  • General Requirements
  1. Application form
  2. (2) photographs (2) photographs
  3. The identity card copy or passport.
  • Additional Requirements for Female Applicants
  1. The guardian or representative should personally sign a letter of no objection at the director of Licensing.
  2. The marriage certificate should be signed by the couple and/or the birth certificate for one her children , if the case is applicable.
  3. A duplicate of your passport.
  • Other requirements (For non-Omanis)
  1. A declaration of the sponsors non-objection.
  2. Blood Type
  3. A copy of the labour certificate and passport.
  4. Female applicants with no job must present an original copy of her husband’s labour card, as well as a note from her sponsor to confirm that she is currently in Oman with her husband.

Office Locations and Contacts

Royal Oman Police Directorate of Public Relation

Phone: +968 – 24569392 Fax: +968 – 24562708

For Enquiries: +968 – 24512961 (Visa Services)

+968 – 24569501 (CID Services)

+968 – 24510227/228 (Traffic Services)


  • For a license to drive a light vehicle the applicant must be attained the age of 18 and 21 years old for heavy duty vehicles and truck driving licenses.
  • The applicant must be physically fit and free of any disabilities or illnesses that hinder his capacity to drive. Individuals with disabilities could undergo medical exams to determine whether they can take a driving test or are not.
  • The applicant also has to be able to pass the vision test.
  • Note: A tourist from a foreign country is able to use the national driving licence or international driving licence for three months.


  1. Light driving license 20 R.O
  2. Heavy duty driving license 10 R.O
  3. Driver’s licence for trucks. 10 R.O
  4. Driving licence for motorcycles 15 R.O
  5. Permanent driving license 40 R.O

Documents to Utilize

To download forms follow link:!ut/p/c5/hZBLDoIwEEDP4gFMh7b8lsUGLBUIVhDZEBbEkAi4MMbjW-IGIeLM8uVlJg-VSG9fP9tr_WiHvr6hApVWpULpKUExJCkGEA7xDFcyAgCaX6wKfgyD0SYQACSuiOQpYoBJ7ofuwSKc04-9wqc2VbkBOPS56SgbBxRm9pJP7R07mpri2EvtGEM2t5f867aX8pFKUzGCQc0_X_L1aqrpq0yh85h7Pd-fgPF-6Bp07zI9xUts2eYNByPfLg! !/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfU0pLQlNJNDIwT1EyMDBJODNCMTlLQTMwMDA!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/EN/site/home/formsrepository/FormsRepository&category=cmn/gm_entities/rop


One of the main responsibilities that the Directorate General of Traffic is to ensure the security of road users everywhere. It is in charge of inspection and licencing of vehicles as well as testing and licensing drivers, investigating traffic accidents, and the installation traffic signs.

The document is needed

A driver’s license can be described as a legal license issued by the State. It certifies a person’s capability to drive a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle or car, truck, or bus in a public road.

The laws that govern the issue of licenses differ across jurisdictions.

External Links

  • Royal Oman Police Website

  • Oman eGovernment Services Portal!ut/p/c5/hZDLDoIwEEW_xQ8wHVqey1YClgoEK4hsCAtiSARcGOPnW6ILwVhnlicnd-aiCqkdmnt3bm7dODQXVKLKrgmEAKnHY5NlPuAIC0tSgkGaip_sGn4MhZktDjEFTIog8nY28f23reGzbFkYKjvwLVc6ODRhYX9zZctIMMlNDGmGAbhLmOEJStRtL1vDP7M3dG9NfycscxIM-TL7m-tbk-1Q5xIdp7r19f0pMNmOfYuufa6mfPA1XT0BYArtNQ!!/dl3/d3/L0lDU0lKSWdrbUEhIS9JRFJBQUlpQ2dBek15cXchLzRCRWo4bzBGbEdpdC1iWHBBRUEhLzdfMzBHMDBPOUlNU0I5MTAyQkcyTE02UEhTTzMvQWlLZEc2MjI2MDAxMw! !/?WCM_PORTLET=PC_7_30G00O9IMSB9102BG2LM6PHSO3000000_WCM&WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/en/site/home/cr/cr2ctt/cr22/renleadripermit



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