How to Obtain a Drone Flying Permit In Uganda

Obtain a Drone Flying Permit In Uganda By Online

  1. The laws and rules regarding operating drones within Uganda are constantly changing on a regular basis, however below are a few guidelines to follow when flying drones in Uganda.
  2. The UCAA demands that operators understand and comply with the rules and regulations, which includes research or recreational uses of drones. Drone.
  3. Uganda CAA is responsible for regulating Uganda Airspace for civil aviation operations, including Drones.
  4. After you have purchased the drone, you must obtain an authorization to fly the drone before being allowed to fly in the Uganda space.
  5. The applicant must submit their application to a tripartite committee for approval – via the office of Chief of Defence force in Uganda. (CDF)
  6. You’ll need to provide these documents
    • Attach a passport-worthy copy of your valid ID
    • Attach an National identification Card
    • Attach UAS/Drone with a colored image. At present, CAA has only one type of drone called VLOS ( Visual Line of Sight)
  7. Attach all the documents and send them to the chief of Defence forces for general security review.
  8. Following the review process from CDF After the review, the documents are sent on to the National Special Force command committee to be assessed for national security. The committee consists of members from the Military and the president’s office.
  9. It could take up to 30 working days before a review the decision, security clearance and letters that there is no objection are sent to UCAA.
  10. After all documents have been approved, a letter that states there is no issue will be sent to UCAA. The applicant will then be able to go to CAA to request a pilot flying license.
  11. The applicant is applying for CAA for an operation flying permit along with all the documentation outlined in the section of required documents.

Required Documents For Obtain a Drone Flying Permit

  • Completely filled out CAA authorisation application form
  • CDF Security clearance letter no objection
  • URA authorization to import the drone
  • Drone operation instructions and specs.
  • Certificate of training for pilots using drones or license, as well as a medical certificate class III (where appropriate).
  • The proposed geographical location and map of the operation area.
  • A copy of the third party insurance.

Office Locations and Contacts

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence
P.O. Box 3798,Kampala, Uganda
. Tel: 0414-565100
Tel: 0414-565118/9 Fax: 0414-222812
Site: Minisry Of Defence Website

Airport Road-Entebbe
P.O.Box 5536 Kla
+256 312 352 000


  • Citizen
  • Resident [Ugandan]
  • Resident [Foreigner]
  • Visitor.


  • US$200,000 + 18 percent VAT


  • Valid for one year

Processing Time

  • Processing time is 3 months to allow the application process to begin. considered


  • Only operations in Uganda Airspace
  • No activities are permitted near or within the controlled Airspace e.g. Airports
  • Risks to property, people as well as other airplanes.
  • Constant positive control and constant observation (VLOS)
  • Operations I.A.W pertinent Operation manual.
  • Contact local authorities prior to making use of.
  • Be sure to consult Air Navigation services before use

The Information You Need

Information on the Organization (company that operates this drone):

  • Name of Organization
  • Sort of Organization (private or public)
  • Address of the Organization
  • Contact for the Organization
  • Contact number and name of the responsible person
  • Trade Licence No.
  • Insurance details covering drone operations

Personal Details:

  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Passport No.
  • National ID number on the card.
  • Visa No. (if applicable)

Operational Details:

  • Flying for a purpose in Uganda (private/commercial)
  • Type of Operations (survey/media/Entertainment/etc.)
  • Area of operation (provide Google map coordinates)
  • Max Height of Operation:
  • Are you operating during the evening or daytime?

Drone Details

  • Drone Engine Type (fuel or electrical)
  • Drone Manufacturer name
  • Drone serial number
  • Drone weights with payload
  • Drone weight and payload without payload
  • Ability to use Drones (survey, entertainment, media, etc.)
  • Drone control means (autonomous and radio-controlled)
  • Does the drone come with camera?
  • If yes you do, please include the camera’s details.

Information that could be helpful

  • The majority of the time Drone are operated with those conditions as follows in Uganda;
  • 120 metres/400 feet daytime VMC
  • 30m away from people
  • 5.5 miles from an airdrome
  • Outside airspace that is controlled
  • Usually less than 25kgs

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